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We all want something. What is it that you want? How do you get it?

Relationship expert, Shirley Baldwin Owens, brings her own expertise as well as the expertise of her amazing guests, to help you figure out what is it you want, and most importantly, how to get it! If you are wanting more out of yourself, your relationships, or your life, listen as they share their inspirational stories, insights, and advice on how you can create whatever it is that you want!



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What people Say

Devi Adea

Love this Show!

Shirley is such a delightful interviewer! I absolutely loved our conversation on the "Get What You Want" Podcast! Deep, meaningful, loving, and transformative conversations are a given with her.

Jamie Damsker

Being Shirley's Guest!

Thank you Shirley Owens for having me on your podcast! Your passion and excitement are contagious and you made me feel so welcome and part of your podcast tribe. Our conversation was so smooth and I appreciate your mastery of the interview. I could have kept speaking with you for hours and look forward to additional conversations when we can do a deeper dive on these topics that are very important to me and my work. Thank you again!


This is What I Want!

What a great show! Inspiring and real - Shirley has an easeful style in bringing out the best of her guests while providing her own wisdom in the process. Definitely worth subscribing to! Thank you, Shirley.

Anita Spring

I have been listening to Shirley for about 6 months. I love her style and her amazing choice of guests. I have learned so much about myself and look forward to continued growth. I finally realize that I need some real expertise to really get what I want and some coaching to avoid the usual pitfalls.

Blended Bliss

Great Insights and Easy to Listen to!

What a fun show to listen to. Shirley brings fantastic and relevant content to her listeners through engaging guests and her own shared experiences. She sees the world from a place of love and possibility, what a gift to us. So grateful for this engaging perspective, thank you Shirley for making it happen.



I have read your book multiple times and learn something new every time. So excited to listen to podcasts.

The Note Guy

Shirley Hits a Homerun!

Shirley Hits a Homerun! This is such an awesome podcast and Shirley brings the noise by hitting it out of the park with her guests and content. Her experience and expertise comes through in each episode and you will want to binge this more and more. Way to deliver!

Alexandra Stockwell MD

Great Show!

Shirley is a wonderful interviewer, who elegantly balances authentic sharing and asking questions. She is an attentive listener and advocate for her guest’s services, and takes the conversation in fascinating and unexpected directions. The whole conversation was very enjoyable!

CHS78 WP82

Genuine Down to Earth Show!

Shirley’s guests reflect her. They speak to you in ways you can understand and help you improve your life!

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