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Reflection- Get What You Want by By Mastering The Art of Touching People’s Lives -

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind!” -Shirley Owens

Kindness is a universal language. It’s something that even a newborn understands. How nice it would be to live in a world filled with kind people! This week, Shirley shares how to get started with kindness and how it can get you your heart’s desires. Tune in and see how kindness could make the world a better place, one person at a time!


00:40 Something Different

02:00 Choose Kind!


So many paths to choose from? Choose the path of kindness! Join in as @SfbaldwinOwens shares how to get started with kindness.


  • 00:50 “You can never go wrong with kindness.” -Shirley Owens

  • 02:56 “In a world where you can be anything, be kind!” -Shirley Owens

Connect With Stacy:

Stacy Rolfe is the Owner of R&R Ranch Minis, a haven for rescued miniature equines. The mission of the ranch is to increase public awareness in owning and taking care of miniature horses. Undeniably, these minis are cute, too cute that owners treat them as kids toys, often resulting in the needless suffering of these creatures. With increased understanding, the lives of both the owner and his pony could greatly improve. Stacy’s next project is having a couple of selected horses to be trained as certified therapy horses. She hopes to provide the excitement, joy, and that unique barn experience that only comes with being around horses.


Shirley Owens: Hello and welcome back, today, I'm reflecting on my convo with Stacy Rolfe. I wanted to do something different to just bring a little love and light to the show and she was the perfect guest for this. The thing that came up for me while interviewing her was, you can never go wrong with kindness. Kindness was radiating out of Stacy and whenever I meet people like this, my heart just connects with them so quickly. My mom always taught us to smile and say hi to everyone and it was just kind of something that we did. Kindness wasn't something I had to learn about later in life, it was just something that I was. Of course, since it's what I knew, I had just assumed that the rest of the world knew it too and I quickly learned that wasn't the case at all. I've always thought, why wouldn't everyone just choose kind? Seems logical enough, I realized that I could accomplish way more in my life, get more of what I wanted and needed and also it just felt really good in my soul to be kind. I have been through so many odds, had so much magic, and honestly, I have a really upgraded life and I believe that all of it has come from kindness.

“You can never go wrong with kindness.” -Shirley Owens

This week, I would have you look at areas in your life where kindness could be heightened, or you could just use a little more love and light, or even a lot more. Pick one of these areas and I want you to do everything you can possibly do to let kindness in to just be kind, no matter how hard your default self wants to move back away from the situation, just be kind. I promise that you will see a remarkable change. If not from the other side, you will feel remarkable change within yourself. It's like a sore of peace and happiness that wasn't there before. I think about the cliche saying that we see in here all the time, and yeah, it pretty much sums it all up for me in a world where you can be anything, be kind. I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week filled with kindness, and I will see you next Tuesday.

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind!” -Shirley Owens

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