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Get What You Want from Your Man: 
A Guide to Creating the Relationship you DESERVE

In Get What You Want from Your Man, success coach Shirley Baldwin reveals the secrets of how men think, what they truly want in a relationship, and what makes them want to give everything of themselves to a woman.

Addressing the common issues in relationships, Shirley helps women realize that by understanding the needs of their man, changing their perception, and shifting how they act in the relationship, they have the power to create whatever they want. Get What You Want from Your Man is written by a woman, for women, yet includes both men’s and women’s perspectives to help women of all ages and stages of the relationship. Whether readers have been in a relationship for 50 years, or haven’t yet begun one, Shirley holds their hand along the journey and helps create a permanent change in how women see and relate to their man, so they can get way more from him than ever thought possible. Best of all, this is all accomplished without encouraging manipulation, head games, or women losing themselves in the process of creating the relationship of their dreams.



Shirley Baldwin has written a beautiful book in "Get What You Want from Your Man". She breaks down the mans brain and the woman's brain and helps you to understand how to ask for what to want without nagging and learn to use what make you and your partner special to get what you want. She also explains a concept of "Spaghetti" which was such an eye opener for me! You will never look at your relationship in the same way. Instead, you will understand your man and use that understanding to make it richer and your relationship stronger and closer than ever.

...The best part of the book for me was the letter from Jeff, the author's husband, who put it all on the line about his personal transformation from the person he thought he was in a previous relationship, to the person he is in the relationship with a woman who learned and changed herself to give and take. Author Baldwin thank you for this book. I recommend it for those men who are brave enough to look the "guy in the glass" and those women who are willing to know that they are enough, without taking from a man to be enough.

This book is brilliant. For all the struggle and frustration that relationships can bring- especially the ones we think aren’t working- the solution is hidden right under our nose. This author does such a good job of explaining how to find immediate relief by shifting your perspective. I found myself softening chapter after chapter, getting into a more positive and hopeful space. Her stories are personal and real, and her energy is so full of love it has a kind of melting affect. If you’re struggling in your relationship, I recommend reading this book!

Tom Dutta from CANADA

Julie P. Boyer

The book is real life scenarios to apply to any relationship. Love and kindness to your partner or spouse can ignite profound changes in a relationship.


Get this book now. Reading this book has helped me so much to understand not only my husband better but to also know how to communicate with him. My frustration level has greatly decreased and my thought process has definitely changed.

I appreciate this book very much. Shirley addresses common marriage issues like communication with an emphasis in showing up in our authentic selves. I love the light hearted examples and well-explained thought processes. Marriage is work! Shirley helps us recognize how we can make the work More joyful. So much of the advice in this book are so relevant for the modern family.


Amazon Customer



This book is perfectly written. I couldn't put it down. Real life stories we can all relate to. Great Read for Men and Women.Reading it for a second time. Love, Love, Love this book.

Couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait to read more from Shirley Baldwin!

Oh my gosh - this is a book for every woman to read! It was fun and informative.


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