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How to Find the Person of Your Dreams (Even Amidst COVID) with Marni Battista

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

The guy you're meant to be with wants to find you. So change your mind about what you can and can't do, and put yourself out there so that you can meet each other because life is short.”-Marni Battista

What’s your relationship status? If you’re looking for love and a lasting relationship, you’ve stumbled on the right podcast! This week, Shirley interviews Marni Battista, CEO of Dating with Dignity. If you’ve been broken and shattered because of a divorce or break up, you don't have to give up hope! There is life after all that you’ve been through! Learn the effective and efficient way to find love, how to move on faster, dating hacks, making your profile much more attractive and appealing, dressing suggestions, and online dating ideas to avoid boring conversations. Well, you know what happens when you combine two relationship experts together! Don’t make your one true love wait for you much longer! Listen in for dating tips and tricks that will help you write the love story you deserve!


02:51 An Efficient Way to Heal and Find Love

07:46 Is There Life After Divorce?

11:21 How to Move On

15:06 Dating Tips

22:44 How Smart People Date

27:15 How to Succeed in Online Dating


Don’t drown yourself in the sea of loneliness! There’s your true love, waiting for you by the shore! Listen as @SfbaldwinOwens and @MarniBattista shares how to move on faster, dating tips, dressing hacks, and branding yourself!


  • 12:58 “Don’t wait. Deal with it and move on.” -Marni Battista

  • 14:31 Work on yourself, have time alone and then get clear on what you want. Have a system to do that instead of letting life dictate what you get to create.” -Marni Battista

  • 16:36 The guy you're meant to be with wants to find you. So change your mind about what you can and can't do, and put yourself out there so that you can meet each other because life is short.”-Marni Battista

  • 18:50 “Be descriptive. You’re doing branding so you can rule the wrong guys out.” -Marni Battista

  • 20:29 “Don't create yourself as a mall, be a boutique.” -Marni Battista

  • 25:24 “You need to have all of your assets in order. You need to have a profile that is properly written that is a reflection of your values. It needs to be unique to you.” -Marni Battista

Connect With Marni:

Marni Battista is the queen of making her clients irresistible to men. She is a Certified Professional Dating And Relationship Coach and Expert, a writer, a nationally recognized TV print and online magazine expert. She's been featured in Cosmo Magazine, Yahoo! Shine, Huffington Post, YourTango, and many more. She has also had appearances on major television networks including CBS and ABC, where she has been a guest on Loveline, filling in for Dr. Drew, Dr. Phil on nationally broadcast radio shows such as on-air with Ryan Seacrest, and on YouTube channels, off-air with Sassani. Marni's weekly dating and relationship podcasts, The Dating Den, has more than 25,000 downloads per month, and she was named one of the top 10 best women dating experts by


Shirley Owens: My guest today is Marni Battista. Marni is the queen of making her clients irresistible to men. She is a Certified Professional Dating And Relationship Coach and Expert, a writer, a nationally recognized TV print and online magazine expert. She's been featured in Cosmo Magazine, Yahoo! Shine, Huffington Post, YourTango and many more. She has also had appearances on major television networks including CBS and ABC, where she has been a guest on Loveline, filling in for Dr. Drew, Dr. Phil on nationally broadcast radio shows such as on air with Ryan Seacrest, and on YouTube channels, off air with Sassani. Marni's weekly dating and relationship podcasts, The Dating Den, has more than 25,000 downloads per month, and she was named one of the top 10 best women dating experts by Welcome, Marni.

Marni Battista: Thanks for having me.

Shirley Owens: This is so exciting to me, because I love interviewing relationship experts. I even love more interviewing people that have way more experience than I do online. You've been featured in so many things, and I know what that accomplishment feels like. So congratulations.

Marni Battista: Thank you. That's so sweet. Well, it takes a village for real. So we gotta all power together to create that ripple effect. Because I'm sure you agree and all of your listeners that the more love that we can bring into the world, one person at a time, the better off. You told me about your grandchildren, like our future is going to be, we're in it for the long game. I'm happy to be here too.

Shirley Owens: I love so much that you said that, because love is like my favorite thing. I love love. I just assumed that everybody loves love, but it's not quite that way all the time. I love meeting people that I connect with, and this is going to be such a fun episode, I can tell.

Marni Battista: Good. Let's go man. Let's do it.

Shirley Owens: So start by telling me about you. I don't know much about you. I try not to learn too much about my guests before I have one because I like to learn with my listeners. So tell me about you, where you started, how you became a relationship expert, and yeah, just bring me up to date.

Marni Battista: I love this question, and I don't know if any of your listeners watch any of the bachelorette dating shows. But I spent lots, during the pandemic, watching a lot of reality TV dating shows. And the reason I'm bringing that up is because, we can say like, these people are so left up and like, who the hell would do that? What do you expect? And what I really think is for all of us who have struggled in this area, there's a part of us and all of those people. Whether you look at Kim and Kanye and you're like, how the hell, and it's like, yeah, she's in a committed relationship. They have a bunch of kids, and he's got mental illness. If you bring that down to your neighbor, we're all impacted in some way, who are in this community. And that was sort of my story like, I had a bad picker since I was a teenager. When I was 10, I had a big butt. And that was like in the 80's. Before, it was cool to have a big butt. And I was just like, I'm not attractive. I'm not enough. I dated a really nice guy in high school. I was like, he's boring. So I decided to like to date alcoholics and addicts. It was just like, I was fucked up.

So how did I get here? Well, I got married. I was married for 17 years. I was not in a great relationship. My husband at the time wasn't, like, diagnosing a narcissist gets thrown around a lot. But he was, in his own way. And I felt really not enough. And that was that divorce. And then a relationship I had subsequently where I thought, Oh, well, this will fix me. Did it, and that's when I realized that I have to figure this out. Because I had three daughters. I have three daughters who are now 18, 22 and 25. And I was like, if I can't get my shit together for me, I have to do it for them because I'm not passing this on. And that journey that I went on was the beginning of me, really changing my life. Then coming up with a process that I went through which took me five years and being able to dial it down to an efficient way to heal and find love is what I've been doing for the last decade plus, and I am constantly learning. I've been married now to my second husband, we've been together for 12 years. I was joking with a guest on a podcast I did yesterday, and I'm like, we went on a minivan, a camping trip for seven days in a 24 foot van. One night, we're like, so let's write a list of all the perpetual problems we keep having so that we come back, we can figure out how to navigate through these because I don't kind of care who you are, you're still in a relationship with another human. So I'm constantly learning that I'm constantly teaching.

Shirley Owens: Oh, my gosh, I feel like you kind of stepped into my life there for a second. Isn't it funny? Because people will say to me, oh, what is your experience? What is your experience? Where did you study? I always say: "Life, the school of life. That's my experience. That's where I studied. That's where I've learned, that's where I've researched. That's where I've done all my tests, failed."

Marni Battista: Well, totally. And I did happen to get a lot of training and get certified, like different ways. But the truth is that, and I think this is why people listen to your show, and my show, and things like this because we get it, we've been the listener. And I think when someone just goes through a traditional self help program, or a therapist, and I'm a huge fan of therapy, it's a different level of understanding when you find your tribe of women who will struggle and also want to heal not just get advice. I know that when I figured it out, I had a life beyond what I could imagine. And that's kind of what I want for other people.

Shirley Owens: I love it, I am in the same spot. I feel like it's kind of the lab part. I've also been trained, studied, and certificates, that type of thing. When you're doing the lab of everything you've gotten, that you've learned, that you've been taught, when you can start applying, and then adjusting, and twisting, and making it fit into what it is that you're doing. And I think that, I don't know, I think that's just what makes people in our position helpful. Because we can relate, we're not like above anybody, we just happen to be right there with them. I feel like that's how my clients see me, and it's just so helpful.

Marni Battista: Yeah, for sure. For sure.

Shirley Owens: So you said you're divorced, and I think I've been asked this question a lot lately, so I'm just gonna ask it to you. Is there life after divorce?

Marni Battista: I mean, yeah. I got divorced, I got married, and I was 22. And now that I have kids this age, I was like, what the hell? like one of my kids gave me like, I was getting married. I'd be like, okay, we need to talk. But anyway, I was married for 17 years. I got divorced when I was 38. Looking back on it, it seems pretty young. But I needed developmentally so many things during that period of being single. I needed to get myself worthy, I needed to earn my own self trust, I needed confidence, I needed to really understand that I was powerful, sexy and attractive. I needed to learn how to date, and I needed to learn what I wanted and what I didn't want. It was fun. And even the time I had with my kids as a single mom was really super precious, it was amazing. And then to be able to meet my husband and create a new family, and blend what he brings in with who I am has created an incredible experience, not only for me and for him, but like how his role in their lives has impacted them. They have a great dad, he's a present dad, he's a great dad. The possibilities from having four sets of parents has actually enhanced the lives of my own kids. So yeah, there's totally life after divorce.

Shirley Owens: I love that you brought this up because it takes me back. My kids are older now, obviously. But I remember in our town, we have a bunch of elementary schools, and each elementary school specialized in something. And the school that my kids went to specialized in divorced parents, and they had like a divorced kids from divorced parents group that they would meet after school. So I sent my kids to this, and I got a call from the principal one day and she said: "I'm gonna have to kick your kids out of this class." I was like: "Oh, my gosh, what's wrong?" And she said: "They just don't get it. They keep telling the other kids that it's so fun having more parents, that they get more love, and separate Christmases, and sometimes they do it all together. This is not reality in this group of kids, and your kids are kind of making the other kids feel bad about themselves." It was such an eye opener for me, because I just thought that that's what people did when they got divorced, that they just work together for the kids. And I work with blended families now, and it is not like that. So yeah, totally. I think there's a lot that people can learn in that area before they move on to how they're going to approach that whole situation of blending families, because blending families is tough.

Marni Battista: Yeah, it's a whole other ball of wax, so to speak. And my ex husband is not close to perfect. However, we made that agreement that we were going to fake it, or whatever it took that the kids felt like they had a unified front and to not disparage each other. And yeah, I know that most, or many people don't do that. We consider ourselves, and my kids fell that they're really lucky.

Shirley Owens: That's awesome. So tell me, what would be some of your tips just besides, I think that's a huge tip is really to look at what is the most important thing for your kids. But what would you say are some tips that you would give somebody who's newly divorced, and they need to move on, and they just don't know where to start so they come to you?

Marni Battista: I think, first of all, the number one tip I have is, let someone help you right away. I think there's such a difference between, I talked to women who got divorced five years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago, and the same patterns have replayed over, and over, and over again. Those neural pathways, neural grooves get deeper and deeper of, I'm not enough, or men suck, or I can't trust me, because they keep attracting the wrong person into their life that's meeting a sort of dysfunctional need. It's almost like saying, well, my life will be better if I move to a different city. And then wherever I go, I am still there. And circumstance doesn't change it. I think a lot of women who just get divorced are like, well, let me just get my shit together. Let me just blah, blah, blah, I'm not even ready to date yet. Or let me just date, meet someone else and get over it. Like the best way to get over it is to get under someone else. All I can say is, when I get a chance to work with someone who's freshly divorced, or at the end of a divorce, it's amazing, right? Because they can heal from their relationship in a really healthy and thorough way. They can learn how to date in the way that is effective and efficient in today's climate so they don't have to get burned out, they don't have to have a bunch of bad experiences, they just get to date, they feel empowered, they get to choose and they get to recreate and begin again. And so I would say, don't wait, deal with it and move on.

“Don’t wait. Deal with it and move on.” -Marni Battista

Shirley Owens: I love it. I do love that. I don't think that that's advice that many people give. I think that there's so much in the world about just going within yourself, and being alone for a while, and being taking all this time. And sometimes it's not like, I think moving on is great. Because when you're dating, and moving, and doing that you're not wallowing in your own stuff as much.

Marni Battista: Well, yeah. In the process we teach, time on your own is part of it, but it's not yours. So it's almost like, remember, back in the day when your kids were little and you're sitting around mommy and me and people are like, Oh, yeah, I still have this baby weight, or when did you have your baby? And they're like, three years ago. Like, timeslots.

Shirley Owens: Yeah.

Marni Battista: And it's still the same. I hear they're like, I just got divorced. When? They're like, three years ago, or five years ago. I'm like, No, you didn't just get divorced. Because what happens is, a lot of women, myself included, when we go through something like that, we have to claw our way back to wholeness, and it's exhausting, and it's so much work. And then you finally get there, and it's terrifying to think about inviting someone else into your life and opening up your heart. So I think what happens is, then you get really safe and cozy there. Then your girlfriend is like, you need to date. And you don't know what the hell you're doing. It sucks and you're like, never mind. And you go back into your cave.

Shirley Owens: Yes.

Marni Battista: So it's like, you can still work on yourself and have time alone, and then get clear on what you really want and just have a system or a process to do that instead of letting life dictate you get to create.

Work on yourself, have time alone and then get clear on what you want. Have a system to do that instead of letting life dictate what you get to create.”-Marni Battista

Shirley Owens: Yes. So let's move away from divorced women and just like, let's say all women, we're going to talk about women and dating, period.

Marni Battista: Okay.

Shirley Owens: I mean, I know you're the dating guru, so where do I start? I know that you have dating tips for women, and do you also have dating tips from men for women?

Marni Battista: Let's see. Well, the most important thing I could say right now is that you can date during a pandemic. It's really about changing your mindset. I think that so many women get frustrated, and they're looking for reasons why not to date. So if you're afraid, or you're tired of all the guys who flake or goes to the guys who were asking for pictures of your naked butts, or whatever it is, and you're like, Oh, well, now I can't do it. And part of you is like, phew, now, I don't have to do it. Or you don't believe that you can progress in a relationship and say safe, physically safe, that is all bollocks, as my husband would say because he's British. So meaning, if you have this process, you can do it. So one of the most important things to do is to believe and know that they're actually really great men right now, especially as we head into the winter, that are really looking to have a connection, and they're looking for you. I think that a lot of ladies that listen, forget that. It's like we're just so in our own heads. And when I meet the men that date the women that we work with and they're like, Oh, thank you. Whatever you did, thank you for letting me find her, for her being seen, like she changed my life. And I just want to remind everyone the number one thing is that, even right now in the times that we're in, there's a guy right now who is the guy you're meant to be with, and he wants to find you. So change your mind about what you can and can't do, and put yourself out there so that you can meet each other. Because time is short, life is short. So that's a number one thing. I hear so many people just saying like, Oh, you can, it's too hard.

The guy you're meant to be with wants to find you. So change your mind about what you can and can't do, and put yourself out there so that you can meet each other because life is short.”-Marni Battista

Shirley Owens: I love it. I love it. I too believe that there, I think men get a pretty bad rap sometimes, and that there are a lot of really great ones. I know that I have a really great one. There was a time when I didn't believe in them either, so I think that's such good advice. Tell me some more.

Marni Battista: I think the other thing is that it's really important, think about if you're going to talk about online dating, to look at a profile that is light, and descriptive. So what I mean by that is that men are super visual. And what we find when we look at profiles that our clients have been effectively using, they're very forcefully vanilla, they sound like everyone else's. There's a lot of what I don't want, which is basically a big neon sign for the bad relationships you've been in that push men away. There's a lot of misunderstanding around making your branding, let's call it how amazing I am. Like, I'm a smart, successful, savvy, financially successful blah, blah, looking for, you know, and a guy's like, Whoa, it's just there's no room for him there. So it comes off as very masculine energetically, and men are looking for a compliment. So I think like, and the other problem is like a lot of ladies will write a profile, and they'll show it to their best friend or their brother, people who aren't really experts at what the algorithm needs and what high quality guys are looking for. So you're not writing a work memo, you're not writing for your best friend, you're not writing for your English professor, you're not writing like for journalism class, you're writing a very distinct piece of work, which is an online dating profile. So don't take advice from people who don't know, because you're not dating them. And be descriptive.

So men really want to get a sense of what it looks like when life is happening with you. I think that a lot of ladies are afraid if they make it too specific, they're going to rule people out. But what I say is you are doing branding, so you want to rule the wrong guys out, you want to make it really obvious and clear, right? Like, you know, so if your vision of travel is roughing it, you know, in a camper and you know, blah, blah, blah, put that if your ideas like you know, going to Michelin restaurants, you know, as many as you can around the globe, like put that and I think people will say like, oh well I don't want him to think or I don't want to talk about my kids because then I'm like, Yeah, but family is your most important thing. Why are you not talking about your family? So be very precise, because you are creating a piece of branding for yourself.

“Be descriptive. You’re doing branding so you can rule the wrong guys out.” -Marni Battista

Shirley Owens: That is so important. It's so important in everything that we do. I know with the couples that I work with, a lot of them weren't authentic to begin with. And so all of these problems they have are coming from a place of, well, she told me she was this but she wasn't and he told me he was just that he wasn't or I'm just Trying to be this for him because I know what he wants. And, and I think people don't realize that there's so much stress that goes away, when you're actually just you when you get to be you. So why not start off that way? Because like you say, it just kind of weaves through all the stuff that you don't want. And then you have like this beautiful buffet of people that do want that exact person or who are looking for that, and there's no surprises for them.

Marni Battista: Yeah. Don't create yourself as a mall, be a boutique. A very specific boutique. I coached men real briefly, and one of the guys that I coach who's now engaged to an amazing woman told me how he went on a date. He suggested they go to one of the restaurants that she picked in, it said in her profile, and he was like, Oh, I know you love The Apple Pan, a little diner here in Los Angeles. They have famous apple pies, burgers. So he's like, let's go to The Apple Pan anyway. They got there, and she was at the counters like a counter kind of a thing, very kitschy place. She was like, do you have a veggie Patty? And like, no, we don't. He was like, I'm confused. You said this was your favorite place? And she's like, yeah. Well, my girlfriend said that if I say I like The Apple Pan, then I seem down to earth. I'm just like, foolishness. So that's why I'm saying, do not listen to your friends.

“Don't create yourself as a mall, be a boutique.” -Marni Battista

Shirley Owens: Oh, my gosh, that's just so funny. So I worked with men too for 15 years, and that was one of the things that I heard a lot about was, well, I thought that she was this, or she put on her profile that she loved hiking and the outdoors. But then I took her camping and she just cried the whole time, because there were bugs. You hear all these stories.

Marni Battista: Yeah.

Shirley Owens: Like, they just ordered a salad, and they told me that they loved romantic steak dinners. Then we took them out and found out they were vegetarian, it's just crazy. It's crazy, 'coz you're talking about it, and it sounds so silly coming on my mouth. But this is like the reality of online dating.

Marni Battista: Well, it is. And what I think it shows is that really smart people, really, like the smartest people on the planet, do this stuff because they don't know how to do it properly. And I think the other tip I would give about online dating is, there is a way to do it properly. I think that most people don't know what they think, it's just like a shit show. You login, you put your name, you're like, should I put my real age? Should I not? I don't know, I'll wing it, let me Google it. And then you have that blank screen in front of you. And it's like, well, I don't know, how do you do this? And there is a way, and so it doesn't matter. I think this is so important because I think people beat themselves up. I should be smart enough to know how to do this. And if you're here, if you listen to this show, or you Google stuff like this, you don't know, and I want you to not be ashamed about it because nobody taught you. It would be impossible for someone to have taught you, it didn't exist when you're probably dating before. So just like you would any other thing, I just was in this minivan, right? This is like a camper van. Like, I didn't come to that adventure knowing how to work it. I was on Google the whole time, I was looking on forums, I was finding the proper way to do it. I could have just pushed a bunch of buttons and prayed, but that's not good. But in a situation like that, people would be like, Oh, of course, I would find out how to do it. I talk to an expert. But it's the same in dating, it's the same thing. The same rules apply. So give yourself permission to be like, I don't know how to do this. And that doesn't mean that I'm bad, or weak, or incapable. It just means, I don't know. So learn how, and then you learn how to do so many things. You can do it.

Shirley Owens: Yeah, I like that. I personally have never been on an actual online dating website, so this is not my area of expertise. But with this whole COVID thing, I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong, that it is becoming way bigger because of that, because people don't know what to do. So with the lockdown, how do you date online? Say you match up with somebody, and then what advice would you give to actually having dates? Because I have friends who have actually had dates over FaceTime, where they just do in their own houses.

Marni Battista: Yeah, exactly. So I was trying to get in my document here and look at the latest numbers on how many more people are online, which I could not quickly access, but I will. The numbers are astounding, and the number of people that are going online. So the thing to really understand is that, you need to have all of us call your assets in order. You need to have that profile that is properly written, that is a reflection of your values. It needs to be unique to you. This is your branding so don't be like, I like long walks on the beach and [inaudible] on the town. Don't copy paste, okay? Make it unique. Make sure your photos are new, updated. Actually people are like, what? Professional photos. It doesn't matter if you don't look like that when you get out of the water. Again, this is branding men are visual. So make sure that you have professional photos, make sure that you have lifestyle, as well as a studio. We recommend our women who are big busted, make sure that you are wearing like a V-neck, don't wear big patterns. Whether whatever shape you are in, stay away from patterns. Have at least one in a dress, put on a nice heel. Again, even if this isn't your normal way of being, the work that we do with people on this reveals a lot of hidden blocks. So if this feels like, Marni, no freaking way. I would just be curious about why you're having a reaction.

“You need to have all of your assets in order. You need to have a profile that is properly written that is a reflection of your values. It needs to be unique to you.” -Marni Battista

Shirley Owens: Yes.

Marni Battista: And you want to do it in a way that's a reflection of your authenticity. So you've got to have your assets, photos, and a nice profile. And then you want to be able to understand this. So women can create attraction when they meet someone through their humor, through their mannerisms. So if you see a guy online and he's like a four or five, and you go out with him and he's super funny, he is very chivalrous or whatever turns you on, floats your boat, he can become like an eight or nine to you.

Shirley Owens: For sure.

Marni Battista: Men are just looking for the visual, which is why we want your pictures to be on point. So when you're looking, I don't want clients to spend ages reading every single profile to start. So just look for guys who are like your four. Then you're going to reach out and have an opportunity to just have that 10 minute FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, whatever it is. If you want to be really intrigued about it, you can say, Hey, would you be up for trying something different? Like, I'll be like, sure. Like, great. I was thinking maybe we could do a 10 minute FaceTime, or we could each pick like our favorite place in our house, or on in nature, whatever. And let's talk at 3:10, and we'll meet and I'll show you where I am, and you could show me where you are. We can talk and we could get to know each other. And if we feel like it works, we could totally set up a date.

Shirley Owens: I love it.

Marni Battista: So that way, because what's awkward is like, what are you talking about? How long have you been online? When did you get divorced? Those conversations suck.

Shirley Owens: Yes. And you're like, what's the next thing to bring up?

Marni Battista: Yeah. So make it contextual just like you would if you were like Starbucks, and you'd be like, are you a fan of the pumpkin latte? Whatever it is. You would make some contextual conversation, so that's a way, you can kind of create context.

Shirley Owens: I love it. So you have a show?

Marni Battista: I do.

Shirley Owens: Tell me about your show.

Marni Battista: Our show is called The Dating Den. It's the real raw sort of truth, and I coach women. People say, you need to wear a lot of padding when you come on my show because I got pointy boots when I kick your ass. So I'm able to laser in typically on why someone's not having luck in that 30 minutes. So we do that. And then we also talk to a lot of different experts in the areas of personal development, happiness, fulfillment, money issues, like you're talking about health, communication boundaries. And what we do, which is my passion right now is, whenever there is a season of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette going on, we do lessons from the TV show so we have a guy who's our man panelist, and we get the man perspective. So that's super, super fun. It's a great place to meet other women who have everything kind of going on, except this, and they want to learn how to do it. So it's a really fun show that we've been doing.

Shirley Owens: That sounds like so much fun. One of my probably, my deepest, darkest secrets is The Bachelor. My husband and I watch it, and I don't know, it's just my entertainment in the world. I would love, and like the whole time you're like, Oh, I wish I could just be there to help them through that situation.

Marni Battista: Yeah, definitely,

Shirley Owens: Gosh. It sounds like you make a lot of fun out of that. I'm going to have to join those episodes for sure.

Marni Battista: Absolutely. I think it would be really fun to do like a dating coach roundup and we just all talk about it.

Shirley Owens: Let's do it, we should. That would be so fun. We all have something to bring to the table, right? All of our experiences, everything. Yours is like dating, mine is like sustaining.

Marni Battista: Yeah.

Shirley Owens: Someone else might be meeting, I think I did have some guy on my show about meeting people. So it's just like all this fun, and then after divorce, and we could just do the whole gamut of all of it. That could be really fun.

Marni Battista: Absolutely. So yeah, I like reality TV dating shows, so I like to talk about it.

Shirley Owens: That is so fun. I once wrote, I watched Love Is Blind.

Marni Battista: Yes. I'm telling you, my COVID has basically been like dating shows. So yes.

Shirley Owens: So I literally emailed the producer after one of the shows and was like, this show could be so much better with a relationship expert on there.

Marni Battista: They write you back?

Shirley Owens: They never wrote me back. I did some research, and I found, and hopefully it was right. But I just gave him some scenarios where we could totally turn this whole situation around, and I think it'd be way more interesting in the show. But they just haven't got back to me.

Marni Battista: Yeah. Well, they should. I'm doing a commercial for them getting back to you.

Shirley Owens: Okay, thank you so much. I send this podcast to them. Well, thank you for being here. I feel like we could talk for like 25 straight hours, and we might just have to do each other's shows back and forth, stuff like that. I appreciate you being here. One more time, tell everybody how they can find you.

Marni Battista: Go to, and you can find access to our blog, our podcast and all the fun stuff that we do. So just go to

Shirley Owens: Thank you so much. It was so fun to have you.

Marni Battista: So fun. Big hugs.

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