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Reflection- Get What You Want by Growing Your Network - re convo with Scott Carson

“When you can offer value to others, they offer value back to you - that’s networking.” -Shirley Owens

Part of who we are comes from who we hang out with. Create a network of people that will level you up. Today, Shirley reflects on the importance of growing your network, both personally and professionally. She also gives tips on how to do it! Don’t miss out on today’s episode!


01:09 Grow with Your Network

02:21 How To Expand Your Network

04:00 Reach Out


Grow personally and professionally through your network! Listen in as @SfbaldwinOwens shares some valuable tips on how to grow your network.


  • 03:33 “When you can offer value to others, they offer value back to you - that’s networking.” -Shirley Owens

  • 04:52 “Put yourself in places where the people that you want to be like… are around you.”

Connect With Scott:

Scott Carson is the host of the popular The Note Closers Show Podcast and a nationally syndicated Radio Host. He has been an active real estate investor and entrepreneur since 2002, focused on the niche of distressed mortgage and note industry since 2008. He is a highly sought-after speaker and podcast guest with hundreds of speaking appearances and conferences at real estate clubs, conferences, and networking events across the country. He's also been featured in many media outlets, including but not limited to Investors Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal and He spends his free time attending sporting events, concerts and traveling to new places.

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Shirley Owens: Hello and welcome back. On Tuesday, Scott Carson and I had a great conversation, and I wonder, reflect a bit on some of the things that we've talked about. We covered a ton of different subjects and ideas for new business owners, for those who are wanting to be new business owners, and for those who are already in business and want to gain some momentum, move forward, get bigger, better, that type of thing. My favorite thing that we talked about, and we touched on it just a small amount, but it's something that I've been wanting to reflect on, so I was glad that we talked about it, and that is networking. Networking is really important to me, and I think it is the number one thing that you can do to grow your business, to grow yourself personally, we talked about how you are the combination of the five people that you hang out with, the most.

Same thing in life, you are your business, you're everything about your life has to do with your network, and I personally have a large network, and I'm super grateful for it. I think that any possible thing that I could ever need or want to refer out to others, I can find in my very close network. So I want to talk about, yeah, the importance of building that. Here we are in the first quarter of the new year, and it's a new start, and everyone's kind of excited about, maybe setting some goals outside of their comfort zone, stepping outside of their box, doing something new, creating something different for the year. One of the things that you could do, and I think it would be like one of the best things you can do, and that is to start working on your network. Go to meetup groups, get on Facebook.

Scott mentioned LinkedIn, LinkedIn's huge. I have thousands, over 5,000 LinkedIn connections, and I think I could type in anything in any city, which is what we did, and it pulls up hundreds to thousands of names just that little area or that little niche, and think it's a great way to connect with others that are doing the same thing that you're doing. It's really fun, I've loved this podcasting world of people. I met a ton of them at an event, at a networking event, and now that we are friends, I'm meeting their friends, and their friends, and it's such a great world of, it's just such a great network to have. I think I've probably met 200 people in the last year in the podcasting industry, and everyone's out to help everyone. And when you can offer value to others, they offer value back to you. That's networking. And what a beautiful thing.

“When you can offer value to others, they offer value back to you - that’s networking.” -Shirley Owens

In the past years ago, I used to attend BNI groups, like Business Networking Groups, we'd get together for breakfast, and everyone would announce what they do. And then someone would stand up each week, and there'd be one person who'd stand up and talk about their own business. And now everybody in that room knew about that one person, and what they did, and they were able to refer them out. So I'd love to see you reach out, go to business meeting or business networking meetings, do meet up groups, join groups on Facebook, talk to people, learn about what they do, and really start reaching outside of your box, and your network, and creating a bigger network. If you want to make more money, reach out to people who make more money. If you want to be, I don't know what kind of person. Reach out to kind people, surround yourself with your tribe. And that's something that we'll touch on later too, is a tribe, but essentially your network is your tribe. So reach out to people, put yourself in places where people that you want to be like or that you want to have influence you are around you.

“Put yourself in places where the people that you want to be like… are around you.”

And as always, I would love to hear about it. So Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, website, any of those, you can reach out to me. And for more networking tips, you can also reach out to me, or reach out to Scott Carson. Best thing that you can ever do, hands down, build your network, love you all. Thanks so much for listening. Have a great week, and we'll see you next Tuesday.

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