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Shirley is a Best Selling Author, Relationship Expert and the host of her own podcast. She is also the creator of the "Get What You Want", online courses. Over the past 15 years, her clients have included MLB players, doctors, celebrities, children, men/women in transition, and couples. Shirley loves empowering individuals to look inside themselves as to who they are being in their relationships.

In her book, Get What You Want from Your Man, Shirley speaks directly to women. She has a passion for inspiring women to embrace their feminine and to use that energy to create anything they want in their relationships, from a place of love and without manipulation.

On her Get What You Want with Shirley podcast, Shirley talks to individuals who have gotten what they wanted, and tell how they did it. Shirley has been featured on many radio shows, podcasts, news shows, and other major media outlets. She is currently working on her 2nd and 3rd books in her Get What You Want, series, and she just launched her Get What You Want, online course. Shirley lives in Queen Creek, Arizona with her husband Jeff and their large, blended family. In her free time, Shirley loves to travel on new adventures. 



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Online Workshop


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Working with Shirley was very beneficial. She took me under her wings and made me feel like family. She led me to opportunities that I wouldn’t have had without her and I always felt like she cared about my career just as much as I did.

Matt Rossignol
President of Rossy’s Training

If you have a child or someone you know who has the willingness and the passion to make baseball part of their future life, working with Shirley will certainly open up doors they would otherwise never been able to walk through. ...


49205926_10205816350324198_4026832887142678528_n - Copy.jpg

Shirley saw the man in the mirror that I was staring at every day, she had the power to see the bumps, bruises, scars, and pain I was dealing with emotionally. ... She showed me that I had to face my fears and be proactive ... without her life raft, where would I be?

Caz fernandez

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Shirley Baldwin Owens


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