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Matt Rossignol

President of Rossy’s Training

"Working with Shirley was very beneficial. She took me under her wings and made me feel like family. She led me to opportunities that I wouldn’t have had without her and I always felt like she cared about my career just as much as I did."

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Lisa Gulino

"Last year I hired Shirley Baldwin for both of my sons Michael Gulino and Joey Gulino to help them in their quest to be the best baseball players that they can be. From the time they were young, they had many group and private baseball lessons, especially with the late Paul Barreta and hitting coach Gary Burnham Jr. The skills they learned from them helped to get them onto their respective college teams, but to get to the next level, I knew that Shirley Baldwin was the right choice to help navigate the emotional roller coaster a life in baseball presents. Mike and Shirley worked over the winter months to develop skills to overcome obstacles and the vision to see the path to his goals. Though a difficult road, Mike was able to stay focused and trust the process and was rewarded with the opportunity to play professional baseball this summer with the hopes to return again next year.  Joey will continue with Shirley this fall and see what his life in baseball will become. 

If you have a child or someone you know who has the willingness and the passion to make baseball part of their future life, working with Shirley will certainly open up doors they would otherwise never been able to walk through. As a parent and when I coached baseball, my favorite quote was  "life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it! " . Shirley is your 90%.  Thank you Shirley Baldwin."

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"My Senior year I was going through a tremendous amount of pain not only on the court but off the court as well. Physically and mentally I was beating myself up everyday of my life. I would look in the mirror when I woke up in the morning and All I would see was bumps, bruises, and scars from the toll life had taken on me as a young 18 year old man. I was angry at myself, my parents, and my Coach. 

    The stress was due to the fear of not graduating because of the hole I dug myself through my freshman to junior year in terms of failing classes and not passing my Math AIMS. All because my laziness and my lack of will and maturity to accept the responsibility of my actions. Things only got worse when I became the quote "victim" in my eyes to the Coaches cruel special leash that he had wrapped tight around me from early on in my senior year. 

    I had lost my starting position and could do nothing right in practice or games in his eyes. Everyday I stepped in the gymnasium seeking praise and nourishment and was met with him ignoring my important rebounds, hustling my slow white butt off for loose balls, and the occasional perfect screen with a clean three to top the play off. Then it seemed I would get one foul, show a little bit of too much passion/anger, or miss one shot..."

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