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Reflection- Get What You Want by Living A More Balanced, Beauty-Filled Life - re convo with Lisa Lin

“When you are being beautiful, those around you will see you as beautiful.” -Shirley Owens

Are you missing a visit to the salon after being cooped up for so long? Today, Shirley is reflecting on beauty and how we can redefine it so that we can break the barriers that hinder us from getting what we want. Shirley emphasizes that our beauty is defined by us and not those around us. When we work on our inner beauty, we are also working on “being” beautiful. Tune in and discover how to get what you want by “being” beautiful.


00:42 Beauty and the Covid-19 Pandemic

01:20 A New Perspective on Beauty

02:42 Are You “Being” Beautiful

03:40 Change The Definition of Beauty


Are you being beautiful? And that’s not about being salon beautiful. Tune in as @SfbaldwinOwens shares how to get what you want by “being” beautiful.


  • 01:52 “Who you are being allows you to create anything you want in life.” -Shirley Owens

  • 03:20 “When you are being beautiful, those around you will see you as beautiful.” -Shirley Owens

Connect With lisa:

Lisa Lindahl is the author of Unleash the Girls and Beauty as Action. She's an entrepreneur, inventor, women's health advocate, and an artist. Lisa changed women athletics forever when she invented the jog bra, the very first sports bra in 1977. She also patented a medical garment for breast cancer survivors in 2000. Lisa has served on numerous other boards and community organizations from educational organizations to land trusts and received multiple awards and distinctions for her work, including the National Inventors Hall of Fame inductee, Congressional Commendation from the 106th US Congress by Sen. James Jefford, Boss of the Year nominee by Sporting Goods Manufacturers’ Association, Entrepreneur of the Year nominee by Inc. Magazine, and Hall of Fame inductee to the Epilepsy Foundation of Vermont.


Shirley Owens: Welcome back, today, I'm reflecting on my conversation with Lisa Lindahl. She is such a joy, and I was so grateful to get to talk to her during this time we're in right now in quarantine. Something I continue to hear a lot about is beauty, how people just aren't feeling beautiful. And our nail and hair salons are closed, our lash girls are shut down, gyms are closed, there's nowhere to go, there's a lot of no-makeup and bond days, and a lot of people are gaining weight. I'm continually hearing over and over that women are not feeling beautiful, so I've been just thinking a lot about beauty, and beauty is so subjective. It's so different to each person like you heard, I'm sure, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but how do we feel beautiful when all of these aesthetics are gone? When we're at home with all the same people day in and day out. This is something I've been pondering, so I really loved that.

“Who you are being allows you to create anything you want in life.” -Shirley Owens

I got to talk to Lisa about it and just get a new perspective. I always say that who you are being allows you to create anything you want in life. This really does hold true when it comes to beauty too. I remember back in high school, the cheerleaders were considered the most beautiful girls in the school and it's freely funny to look back now and see that this wasn't necessarily the case. There were some girls that weren't so kind or considerate of others' feelings that were gossipy or mean. And yeah, they had outer beauty, but the inner beauty was lacking. And then there were some girls that may not have been as statically pleasing to the eye, but their personality, their kindness, or confidence of who they were being was what had them in that space.

“When you are being beautiful, those around you will see you as beautiful.” -Shirley Owens

So this week I want you to take a really good look at yourself. Who are you being right now? Are you stressed out, worried, angry at being cooped up? Are you taking it out on other people, or are you making the best of your situation? Are you smiling, being kind and patient with those around you? Are you allowing others to be what they're going to be right now? Are you lovingly accepting yourself and embracing the slower pace, the lack of pressure to be or look like something else? Are you being beautiful? Because when you are being beautiful, I promise you, those around you will see you as beautiful. Something that Lisa said stuck with me. She said: "That which nourishes and authenticates true beauty will change the world. There is no better time in all of our own history than right now to change the definition of beauty, to change how others view us, to essentially change the world." I hope that you are all finding your way to feeling truly beautiful. I love you all so much. See you next week.

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