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Reflection- Follow the Energy - re convo with Carolyn Cooper

“Without being aware, we can’t open our minds and learn about anything.”

Awareness is an important word. Today, Shirley reflects on how awareness can help you first know what it is you want, and then how you can go about getting it. She also discusses how you can tap into your energy to create your days around doing just that. Listen in as Shirley teaches you a simple tool to help you create a more fulfilling life, one day at a time.


00:57 Energy- A Door of Possibilities

01:55 Awareness- The Key to Getting What You Want

03:30 Create an Awareness of What You Want

05:33 What Fills You, What Empties You


Start happening to your day! Tune in as @SfbaldwinOwens uncovers how your energy can take you anywhere you want to go. #getwhatyouwant #awareness #energy #whatfillsyouwhatemptiesyou #opportunities #learn #simplethings


  • 01:40 “Without being aware, we can’t open our minds and learn about anything.”

  • 04:34 “When we are filled… we can do anything, be anything…”

Connect With CAROLYN:

Carolyn Cooper has been an active part of the Energy Healing Movement since 1996. After years of working personally with thousands of clients, she created the Simply Healed Method. She has been successfully training practitioners across the globe for the past 19 years. Carolyn's training includes an online business course and community to help students build their own successful energy healing practice. Her joy in life is teaching other people how to connect with their own innate healing. Her weekly energy shot videos posted on her website, and on Youtube.


Shirley Owens: Hello everyone, welcome back. Last Tuesday, I had a conversation with Carolyn Cooper, we talked a lot about energy. She does Energy Healing, and I know that that kind of falls in the woo-woo world of things, but really there is energy all around us, and I think that sometimes we have to just kind of let go of all of the feelings and stories that we have created around energy and energy healing, and just be really open to the possibilities that it's there, it's all around us. It makes lights come on. I don't understand how, but I understand how touch can make somebody feel better. So anyway, I'm kind of in between those two worlds of what Carolyn's doing, which I'm interested in learning more about, and the world of what are all these modalities about. One of the things that we talked about is awareness. And awareness is like my most favorite word in the world because I think without that, without being aware, we can't really open our minds and learn about anything until we're really aware about what's around us, what's inside us, what's inside our minds, what we're thinking, what we're feeling, what stories we have attached to it, all of that.

“Without being aware, we can’t open our minds and learn about anything.”

So I'm going to reflect today on that specific word, awareness. And I want you to all think about even right now as you're listening, just be aware of your surroundings. What are you thinking? I know what you're listening to, but what are you seeing? Are you paying attention? Are you driving? Are you paying attention to the road? Like really being aware. So when we're driving down the road, we have to be aware of everything around us, or that's when accidents happen, or when we're at home with our kids, or our family, people are talking to us, if we're not aware or not present. So really awareness is in everything. And to get what you want, you have to be aware of what you're doing, what's working and what's not working. And I think this is why awareness is so important to me. I think about each show that I've done and everyone seems to talk about that. When they're giving advice, they'll talk about having them be aware of their thoughts on something, or having them be aware of the affirmations, positivity, negativity, all those different things.

Awareness is huge, and I'm hoping that just by listening to this reflection today, you become more aware. And if you are aware of my intro, I have in there that my hope for you is that this show creates an awareness of what it is that you want, and that's another thing. I want there to be an awareness of each show in your mind and in your heart of what it could be that you could be changing, or doing differently, or doing the same, or realizing, acknowledging. So awareness just cover so many things. And today, I just want to focus on being aware of what is filling you today and what is emptying you. So if you think about a car, if it's full of gas, you feel like you can go anywhere, do anything. If it's empty, if it's like barely empty, or almost empty, you're kind of like worried and wondering like what can you fit in that amount of gas? And then when it's empty, you obviously can't go anywhere. And that's kind of how our energy is, right, in our bodies. When we are filled with gas, we can do anything, be anything, go anywhere, accomplish anything. But when we're empty, when our tank is empty, we just want to take a nap, or sit on the couch, or not do anything, shut our brains down.

“When we are filled… we can do anything, be anything…”

So I want you to just be aware of what things fill you, what things empty you, and then there may be some things in there that are pretty neutral. Like, I used to not like doing dishes, and I wouldn't say, I mean it would empty me, but I wouldn't say that the dishes fill me now, but it may be just kind of a neutral thing where I love at the end of doing dishes that I don't have dishes in my sink. So you know, there could be something like that. And what I want to try to create is I want you to try to do more of what feels you, do less of what empties you, and the things that empty you that you cannot possibly do less of, or you can't get rid of, to try to move them into this neutral space so that most of our day is filled with all the unlimited amounts of gas, of energy, of what fills you. And maybe some places you're just neutral, but you're not being emptied. That's going to be huge. That's something to start with the, I start with a lot of my clients, I start with just this one exercise, and it's amazing. As you go through your day, not only are you maybe surprise that what it is that does feel you, but you're also going to be more aware of your day because you start to be aware of all the little things that you do that you're not normally aware of. So each day happens to us,or we happen to the day, right? So I want everyone to start happening to your day by being aware of what it is that fills your empty shoe, that's it.

As always, I'd love for you to share with me what those things are, and if you need help trying to figure out how to move those empties to the neutral spots, then shoot me a text message on Facebook, Instagram, or on my website,, and we'll try to work it out. So I hope that you are more aware today that you have an amazing weekend, and I will see you next Tuesday.

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