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Reflection- Get What You Want By Taking Responsibility Of Your Life - re convo with Adam Schaeuble

“Give up something that you feel may have some power over you... Your entire life will change once you realize that you have the power to do that.” -Shirley Owens

What’s in control of your life? Join Shirley as she shares how she regained power over something that may seem trivial but actually has a great influence in our lives- food. In this episode, you can learn how to balance your relationship with food, stay committed to yourself, and create the life you want. Tune in and join the “Give Up Something, Challenge” today!


00:55 Your Relationship With Food

04:24 Commitment

06:00 The Give Up Challenge


What’s your superpower? Listen with @SfbaldwinOwens as she shares her superpower and how she was able to control it and create the life that she wants.


  • 06:37 “Give up something that you feel may have some power over you... Your entire life will change once you realize that you have the power to do that.” -Shirley Owens

Connect With Adam:

Adam Schauble is aka the “PHD” (Previously Heavy Dude). He hit a rock bottom moment in his life where he weighed 327 pounds. He then went on his own hundred-pound weight loss journey. As he was on this journey, he started to inspire people in his hometown to join him. He started a gym and a boot camp program and helped his hometown lose over 35,000 pounds in five years. Now, he's the host of the top-ranked health podcast, the Million Pound Mission, where his goal is to inspire 1 million pounds of healthy results, which he tracks on his website, Adam is known for helping females and a few men over the age of 30 that are super busy being employees, entrepreneurs, partners, friends, and moms. Adam impacts his community by teaching them his Seven Steps for long term weight loss success that have produced a total of 55,000 pounds of results for his clients and community members so far.


Shirley Owens: Hello and welcome back. Today, I'm reflecting on my combo with Adam Schauble on Tuesday. I've talked a lot about commitment and goals, and being able to create whatever we want in life on many of my shows, but this combo had me really looking into our relationship with food, of all things. It's something we all need every single day of our lives, and our society has created all kinds of myths and theories attached to nutrition and food. So I remember a couple years ago, I made the decision to go on the keto diet. I know that I've talked about this in my previous shows, but I don't know that I've gone into the mental part of it too much.

I was 47, and this was the first real diet that I had ever gone on. Food was always comfort for me, or adventurous, or I don't even know, whatever word I could use to describe it could be accurate. Basically, I planned my vacations around where I would want to eat. I dreamt about food. I love to cook. I was always trying new recipes. Even sometimes I would dream up a recipe, and get up, and make it the next day. So I was never overweight. So I didn't think it was a problem, or that there was anything wrong with being so obsessed with it. But I don't know, I'm still not saying there was anything wrong with it, but I will tell you that going on a diet seemed like the most dreadful thing to me. But I had a few extra pounds at that time. And I had also heard that it would help clear my mind. And I felt like I could do some clarity.

So I just made this big decision one night and decided that I was going to go on keto, and I started the next morning. And the problem is, I hadn't studied anything really about it. And I ended up pretty much starving the first day because we didn't have any food in our house that I could actually eat. So everyone kept saying: "You know what, you can just start the next day, it's fine." And as much as I wanted to eat and start the next day, I had made this commitment to myself, and I really wanted to stick to it. So I went shopping that afternoon and started meal planning, and I did not waver one time for the entire eight weeks that I had committed to it. The first couple weeks were for sure the hardest.

We went to Mexico, I think it was the first week we had gone to Mexico and I couldn't eat any tacos, or burritos, or those yummy mangoes with the chili powder on top that were all over the beach. So I literally ate fried pork rinds, eggs, and shrimp for a week at the same time. Oh, I also got keto flu, probably like 10 or 11 days into it, and almost went into a coma, literally had this crazy sodium low. But I figured it all out. And I have to say that that diet changed how I see life forever. Not in every single way but it really had a huge impact on me. hadn't really ever known anything that had power over me until I realized that food did. So every single time, during those eight weeks that I had to put something in my mouth, I had to make a choice. And I had to take power over my desire for food. And it just felt so good to know that I could actually do it. There were so many times that I could have cheated, I was alone, or out with people that could have cared less what I ate, but I really stuck to it, every single speck of it.

So I just remember that each day I became more and more in control of myself, and my decisions, and each day bled into the next, and it went into every part of my life. And I honestly believe that my decision to stick to that diet helped me finish my book, helped me be more diligent about exercising, and I became better and all that I was doing and creating. It was just such a crazy thing. And I'm not saying that it has to be a diet or has to be food. But it was kind of like once I knew I could have power over my choices, that meant I could create whatever I wanted in my life and in every single situation.

So when Adam talked in our episode about taking the finger of blame and turning it back on ourselves, that's exactly what I did. I looked within myself for the answers. Not anywhere else, not to anyone else, I just thought, Okay, I'm gonna take that finger, I'm going to point out myself and every single thing that I do is my decision and my choice. So I took charge of who I was being in every situation, and I lost some weight too. So it was awesome. The biggest thing that came out of all of it was, once I realized that I could, that I was the only person I could control but that I could control myself, I spent my time and energy on creating me. And I ultimately created the dream life that I'm living now. So it doesn't have to be a diet. It could be something simple as giving up your favorite drink for a month, or something that you do every single day that may or may not be good for you.

This week, I would love to challenge each and every one of you to give up something that you feel may have some power over you. Just give it up, make a decision, turn off this podcast, don't do it again for a week, or for two days, or for eight weeks, whatever it takes to feel in control of yourself. And I promise you that your entire life will change when you realize that you have the power to do that. And once you have the power over that, what else can you take the power over.

“Give up something that you feel may have some power over you... Your entire life will change once you realize that you have the power to do that.” -Shirley Owens

As always, I love you all so much. I'm so grateful for all of your support for listening to me each week and to my amazing guests, and I can't wait for you to see what I have in store for you over the next couple of months. Have an amazing weekend, and I will see you on Tuesday.

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