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Claim Yourself and your life with Julie Moret

“That's where the juice is in this life- ...when we claim ourselves.” -Julie Moret

How do you even know what you want, when the world around you is constantly trying to convince you of what it is? It’s not until you tap into your true self and your passion and purpose, that you find what it is you really want. Shirley and Julies conversation gives insight and enlightenment on how to claim your life and reach the highest stage of spiritual growth. The foundation of life should be as solid as your soul, not as fragile as others’ opinions.


02:02 Discovering the Nature of Inspiration

04:47 How to Get to What You Want

11:11 4 Stages of Spiritual Growth

23:04 Claim Your Life

27:57 Are You Alice in Wonderland?

32:36 Keep Doing The Inner Work

39:41 Schedule In and Build

41:28 Set Your Environment Up



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“I don't think we're capable of truly knowing what we want. Because from the moment you wake up in the morning till the moment you go at night, the world around us is telling us what we want.” -Julie Moret

“When you get so engrossed in something, it's not even about what it ends up being because it's just the doing of it, is so delicious.” -Julie Moret (excerpt from What’s Your What?)

“As you start following your passion, something that you get so absorbed in, life becomes fresh and new. You find more lightness and your life experiences start to recalibrate; opportunities, circumstances, synchronicities show up.” -Julie Moret (excerpt from What’s Your What?)

“I think the question after a while is no longer, ‘What do I want?’; It's ‘How may I serve?’ And that shifts everything because it stopped being about notches on my belt, and it started being about trusting life.” -Julie Moret

“There's no way out of victim consciousness because a victim can't help themselves.”-Julie Moret

“That's where the juice is in this life- ...when we claim ourselves.” -Julie Moret

“There has to be a greater, greater purpose…. And it's really important for us to have those things because otherwise, life gets flat when we get our material, external goals checked off.” -Julie Moret

“When you live for yourself and to serve others… everything that our world paints as success or happiness ...all that stuff shows up.” -Shirley Owens

Connect With julie:

Julie Moret is the author of What’s Your What? How to Ignite Your Unique Brand. She is an accomplished speaker and personal coach, and holds degrees in a wide range of healing modalities including psychology and Neuro‐Linguistic Programming.

Julie’s work has been featured on the Lifetime Television Channel and she enjoys working with clients from diverse backgrounds, including Fortune 500 Executives, Academy Award Winners, and several New York Times Best Selling Authors.

Julie is an Agape International Spiritual Center speaker and member of the Executive Leadership Board. She was knighted by the Order of the Orthodox Knights of St. John Russian Grand Priory alongside Jack Canfield, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Michael Bernard Beckwith. Her recently published TEDx talk is currently available for online viewing.


Shirley Owens: My guest today is Julie Moret. She is the author of What's Your What? How to Ignite Your Unique Brand. She's an accomplished speaker and personal coach. She holds degrees in a wide range of healing modalities including psychology and Neuro‐Linguistic Programming, rebirthing and hands on energy healing. Julie’s work has been featured on the Lifetime Television Channel and she is proud to be a transdenominational, ordained Agape International Spiritual Center Minister, speaker and member of the leadership board under the direction of Michael Bernard Beckwith. Julie was knighted by the Order of the Orthodox Knights of St. John Russian Grand Priory alongside Jack Canfield, Don Miguel Ruiz, Michael Bernard Beckwith, and Lisa Nichols. Her TEDx talk, 'How to Clarify Your Uniqueness and Live a Life That Matters' is currently available online. Welcome Julie.

Julie Moret: Hi Shirley. Thank you so much for having me.

Shirley Owens: Thank you for being here. Wow, that's a lot.

Julie Moret: It is.

Shirley Owens: It really have a hard time wrapping my words around it, that was so much. Awesome.

Julie Moret: Thank you.

Shirley Owens: Well, I personally love what you do. I watched your TEDx talk. I feel like I resonate a lot with you and I would love to have you start by just talking about your journey, how you became this amazing speaker, coach.

Julie Moret: I love this question because it gives me an opportunity to reflect on the road that I've traveled because it almost happened in spite of me, you know, I was so uncertain for a long time about what I'm here for? What is my purpose? And so it caused me to do a tremendous amount of study in the nature of inspiration. How do we become self inspiring? How do we get back on track when we've been, when we've gotten off track? And so I studied Great Minds, and The Science with Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton, and I really had to go deep to find out what is the nature of inspiration, how do we ignite it within ourselves, and what are the tools and strategies. And I trained in Neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis and all of it was really, I thought just from myself, you know, I kept it, I was just like collecting degrees left and right. I became a trainer of trainers in NLP, and what ended up happening is I gathered so much information and it started happening through my life. It's like I absorbed it and then before I knew it I was doing things that were like a dream but I wasn't striving or grasping after opportunities were coming to me. So that process, when I thought I was spending all that time just studying for my own self, that actually became the data back of my book, What's Your what? Like nothing is wasted. All that time I spent, ended up becoming the content of my book, What's Your What? Which is about how to become self inspiring, self igniting, and it's an inside job. That's why I love talking about manifestation because I did it for so long on an external realm. I'm very goal oriented. I'm very like, I'm gonna do this and I'm willful, you know, like I can make it happen. And then what I find is that, I think at the end of the day we can't really know what we want, you know? I don't think we're capable of truly knowing what we want because from the moment you wake up in the morning until the moment you go at night, the world around us is telling us what we want, what body shape we want, what success is, what happiness is. And so for me, I had to learn about the art of non-doing in order to manifest the art of being, the art of allowing, the art of trusting. And so, it's been an interesting road because I got what I wanted without ever knowing that it's what I wanted. I'm an inspirational speaker and an author. I've sold thousands and thousands of books. My book is in its second printing, and I've done all kinds of book signing. I think the first thing that I would share to anybody listening that's trying to figure out how do I get there, how do I get what I want is to leave some space for spirit, for God, for source. You know, and the way that we do this is by creating in our daily practice time for float, time to become so absorbed in an activity that it uses up our mental thinking, trying to grasp after herself and allows for creativity to flow through. I'm going to read, I actually have a like a little excerpt about that.

“I don't think we're capable of truly knowing what we want. Because from the moment you wake up in the morning till the moment you go at night, the world around us is telling us what we want.” -Julie Moret

Shirley Owens: Of course.

Julie Moret: This is from What's Your What? my book. It says, and so for those listening you can kind of go along with this, "Recall a time in your life when you become so engrossed in something that hours pass like minutes." So what are the activities that you used to love to do? It could be gardening, or running, or walking, or hiking, or you know? When I was a little girl, playing with dolls, or painting, like something that you get so engrossed in. For my son, when he's creating things on the computer, it's like the whole day could pass, but that's where his flow is happening in some ways. Recall a time when you no longer cared about getting to the end of a task because the doing was so utterly delicious. This is huge, we live in such a goal oriented society. Like, let me just chat put another notch on my belt. But become aware of what are some of the activities. Some of the moments when you get so engrossed iList the activities in which you enjoy the highest level of absorption, and then create time in your weekly schedule to do them even if for just a few moments, a little bit goes a long way, so one of them for me is dance. Something happens to me when I dance, it gets me out of my head which I just could intellectualize my life away if I let my mind run off with itself. Dance gets me back on my body, it gets me back to my feelings, I feel feminine and sensual, and it's like dance is my key. But I'm so busy, for you that's listening, how often do we say that I'm too busy? Even two minutes, like just two minutes in your bedroom doing whatever it is, you know, painting, or sketching, or dancing, or whatever it is, and a little bit goes a long way and as more flow enters in the form of these absorbing tasks, you will invariably notice that your life shifts.n something that it's like, it's not even about what it ends up being because it's just the doing of it is so delicious. This is the key right here. I never went after being a speaker. I never went after being a writer. What happened is I did what I loved, and I'm gonna say more about that in a minute, I'm just going to finish this paragraph. As you do this, your life shifts. It becomes fresh and new. You find more aliveness and your life experiences recalibrate to meet you in your newly elevated state of creative radiants. So one more time, as you start doing these, as you start following your passion, something that you get so absorbed in, life becomes fresh and new, you find more aliveness and your life experiences start to recalibrate, opportunities, circumstances, synchronicities show up.

“As you start following your passion, something that you get so absorbed in, life becomes fresh and new. You find more lightness and your life experiences start to recalibrate; opportunities, circumstances, synchronicities show up.” -Julie Moret (excerpt from What’s Your What?)

They meet you at your elevated state of creative radiants. So for me, and then I'll be quiet, cause I know I've been rambling for a minute, but this is really purposeful cause this is the road.

So as I followed those things that were so absorbing for me, and for me it was, I go to the Agape International Spiritual Center, which is founded and directed by Michael Bernard Beckwith. When I first went in there and I saw this man on the stage, I sobbed from start to finish. And I think part of it was, he's just so radiant, he's so brilliant, he's a mystic, and he's funny, and he is, he's just, he was like EVERYTHING. So not only did I see somebody being their total self, but it was also a reflection of something that was so bogged down covered up that I started to feel might be somewhere inside of myself. So I just followed that flow, I followed that passion, I started taking classes at Agape, I started showing up regularly for services. Agape is a transdenominational spiritual center. Every race, religion, color, creed shows up there. So I started doing that, and what happened? Only because I was following a passion that was lit from within, I started getting noticed. He would happen to walk in when I was giving a brief talk in one of my classes, or he would see me. And so then before I know it, I'm one of the regular speakers at Agape. We streamed over 190 countries and territories around the world every week. I couldn't have planned that, you know, I've got Iyanla Vanzant, and Don Miguel Ruiz, and Michael Beckwith to write testimonials for my book. How could that ever happen? It happened by following, by setting up flow states. So that's the main thing I would say to those listening right now is, what are the activities where you experience a lot of flow? And then make sure you get it into your day because that's going to open up creativity in a way that setting your goal list never could, because it opens it up in ways you couldn't possibly have planned, so that's the first thing. What do you think (laughs)?

“When you get so engrossed in something, it's not even about what it ends up being because it's just the doing of it, is so delicious.” -Julie Moret (excerpt from What’s Your What?)

Shirley Owens: I'm pulling right along, this does happen. And I'm finding like a really common theme with all of my interviews so far, and it's beautiful because it's really unfolding since my podcast is Get What You Want Podcast. This is a whole, just in a whole other level of getting what you want and having it be truly what you want because you're just so right. We don't know, our world feeds us so much, so I'm loving it. Just keep going.

Julie Moret: Yeah. So I think the question after a while is no longer, what do I want? It's how may I serve? And that shifts everything because it stopped being about notches on my belt and it started being about trusting life. There are four stages of spiritual growth and development that Michael Beckwith speaks about, and they really woke something up in me when I heard them. The first stage is TO ME, that's when we view life is happening to us. It's victim consciousness. It's like I'm a leaf in the wind and whatever way the wind blows, that's where I'm going to be. And so, I have no power because I'm a victim, so life is happening to me. And then the next stage is BY ME, this is the stage of manifestation. This is when all of a sudden we start to take personal ownership in our life. And so it means, I'm going to take responsibility for my actions. This gets really tricky, this is a huge, big conversation so I'll nutshell it for now, but it really does open up to quite a bit. So for example, I'll take a big one, a diagnosis. No, getting sick is never your fault, it's never, you know, if he leaves or she left, in a sense it's never your fault, but in order to get out of victim consciousness, which is just spinning, it's a constant spin, there's no way out of victim consciousness because a victim can't help themselves and since we want to grow and we want to transform, that's the thrust that moves us into the second stage, which is BY ME, that means manifesting, that means taking personal ownership, so that means he left or she left. So what information do, was I not paying attention to?

“There's no way out of victim consciousness because a victim can't help themselves.”-Julie Moret

Was there any place that I was checked out? Is there any, were there any red flags that I didn't want to see? What did I know but didn't want to admit? This is the hard thing. This is when you have to really phase yourself. It's easier to be a victim because then you get to wallow around and be like, poor me. But then when you move from the life is happening TO ME, to life is happening BY ME, I take ownership. You know, I don't take ownership and getting the diagnosis. But you know what, let me take a look at this, am I thinking any chronic thoughts? Am I being in a way in a relationship where I'm holding back emotions? And my stuffing something down? Is there any way that my emotional state or my thinking state is getting like congested inside of my physical body and my physical body might be responding? Right?

“I think the question after a while is no longer, ‘What do I want?’; It's ‘How may I serve?’ And that shifts everything because it stopped being about notches on my belt, and it started being about trusting life.” -Julie Moret

Shirley Owens: Hmn.

Julie Moret: So it means, so maybe if I were to start thinking in a new way, or taking the actions that there's an impulse inside of me to take, then maybe, since I'm a holistic being, maybe my physical body will respond as well. Oftentimes, there are theories about breast cancer or any kind of cancer being associated with emotions held within. It's like the body eating itself up because they're feeling that are being contained inside rather than felt and released. So now in this manifesting stage, this is when we start to, you know, go into the shopping mall and you're like, I want a parking space, and it's like, boom, parking space and everybody starts feeling themselves, right?

Shirley Owens: Right.

Julie Moret: So this is a really healthy step. When I was doing a lot of Neuro-linguistic programming, that really built up my BY ME SELF, that part of like my ego of, you know, I'm capable, I can accomplish things, there's a strong muscle to build. But if we stop there, then we create a bunch of little monsters, you know, like runaway ego. So it's very important when you get to that point where you realize I've participate in the experiences in the results of my life. I need to make sure I move on to step three, which is THROUGH ME. That means life is moving THROUGH ME. The creative force is moving THROUGH ME. So it's not, I'm not it, I'm not the thing that's causing everything. There is a SOURCE that is universally, you can call it God, you can call it nature, you can call it spirit, you can call it higher consciousness, you can call it whatever name resonates for you, right? I tend to, I say GOD, so God is moving THROUGH ME, that's the creative essence, right? It's moving through me. This brings in some HUMILITY, it's NOT ABOUT ME, you know? And so, there's a sense of letting go, letting go. You know there's a phrase, "let go and let God." And so, this is where you let go of control. And this is where, when you start practicing this, and I think of it, you know, I like to write this phrase down like THROUGH ME. So as you're listening to this, if this is a place you'd like to get to, you can even put the these phrases somewhere where you'll see them on a regular basis. So the first one is TO ME, that's when I think everything's just happening to me. I'm just at the whim of everything, of men, of women, of jobs, of health, of life. Then the next one is BY ME, this is life is happening by me. I'm the one, I can use my willpower, I can use my force,

I really spent a long time in this one, and it's not a linear line, we go back and forth, but I know BY ME pretty well. I know TO ME pretty well too (laughs). But then, after a while there's this grace that comes in and that's THROUGH ME, that's the third step. I'm going to let this creative source move THROUGH ME. So for quite a while when I would get up to do my inspirational speaking, and you know, I'm in front of thousands of people sometimes, and streaming tens of thousands of people. And so, when I got my ego out of it and just trusted that I'm letting something move through me, my intention is to be used by SIP spirit, that brings in a grace, that brings like this whole other level. So every day throughout the day, to have that thought of just allowing something to move THROUGH ME, allowing the spirit to move THROUGH ME, and then it builds up a sense of faith, a sense of trust. These muscles are so important to build up within ourselves, a sense of connectedness with all of life. And then that flows us into the fourth stage of spiritual growth and development, which is AS ME, AS ME. So this is where we realize that we are part of the infinite creative flow of the universe. So if God's source nature, if there's a band of creativity that's everywhere, always, it's omnipresent. If it's omnipresent, if it's everywhere, that means it's right where I am. So it's kind of like, you know, Michael Beckwith says: "You can't separate a ray of sunshine from the sun, or a wave from the ocean." This is when we realize that whatever is moving THROUGH ME, it's actually inside OF ME. So as you're listening to this, take a moment right now and consider that. Consider there is some divine creative source and it's in your cells, it's in your organs, it's in every action and function of your being, it's in your mind, and your heart, and your solar plexus, and your sexual organs, it's all throughout your body. This source, this divine creation, creativity, it's everywhere. And breathe them what that feels like, and so then, it's like it's AS ME. Life is happening AS ME. I'm the Ray of sunshine. I'm a wave in the ocean, there's no separation. I'm an individualized expression of spirit, God, source, nature. And as you're listening, just say that to yourself right now. I am an individualized expression of the greater source, of the greater force. And something like that, when you take that in, there's a grace there. There's something, I don't know, I find it thrilling, I find it so exciting.

Shirley Owens: I love it. I personally had experience with this and I think the fourth one, maybe isn't something that I've thought of, and I know that in my life I had all these things happen to me, obstacles, just crazy life. And then as I learned to work through those, learn to overcome them, I was able to help others,and so then we talked about that serving. I remember distinctly very many times when in my mind, which I think BY ME comes up in my mind. I thought, Oh, I can help that person, I know how to do this, do what I say. And then I sit down with them and in my mind I lose it, like, I can't figure out what it is that I was trying to say to them because I'm thinking about it and so my ego is taking over. But when I get to a place where it's just purely from 11 service point of view, at the end of it I think, what did I just say? How did that just--

Julie Moret: Yeah.

Shirley Owens: Right? And they're served, and it's beautiful. And then the next person, or client, or individual comes along and you're like, Oh, I know how to do this, I'm gonna, you know, so the ego pops up again like, Oh, did you see what happened last time I was here in this situation? All this amazing, beauty, and you know, healing, and saved the marriage, or saved their relationship, saved something, and then it pops up in my head again BY ME thing. And so as you're explaining it in these words, it just makes so much sense. I've had so many people say, when you, you know, 10 minutes into the conversation, Oh, there you are. Oh there she is. Okay, now let's get to work. When I take ME out of the equation and the thought that even is ME that is doing all of this, and I just allow it to flow through me, miracles happen. And so I love that. But I think taking it one step further to humbling yourself, but also filling that power and worthiness that comes with knowing that your a being that is allowed to have this come through you. And I feel like that's that AS ME part where I don't know that I've ever considered that before.

Julie Moret: Yeah. This is like a spiritual workout. This is as crucial as doing weights in a gym, or breathing exercises, it's spiritual workout. I so resonate with what you're saying because the THROUGH ME part where I was very comfortable with that, that I'm going to get on stage, and I'm going to just allow spirit to move through me, or I'm going to be praying with somebody, I'm gonna allow spirit to move through me. I liked the humility of that. That felt really good to me. The AS ME part got something concerning me. I felt like this, you know, people are gonna think I'm arrogant, or that, you know, I'm something. If I say that I'm connected to this MASSIVE source in the universe, If I take ownership of that, of my connection with this infinite source. And if there anything I could do differently, I would have embraced this one earlier and cared less what other people think because this AS ME piece is, it's like arrogant not to because it's not about me. This is how spirit, God, nature, life chose to use me in this lifetime.

Shirley Owens: Yeah. To me it's almost more humbling.

Julie Moret: Yes.

Shirley Owens: As you were explaining it and I was remembering my experiences going through it, I feel like that's one step more towards humbling. Then in my mind, I don't feel that it's one step going towards ego. I feel like it's more, you know, going more towards a humbling state. Like, Oh wow, I'm just a part of this, I'm just a piece in it.

Julie Moret: Right. And what I find is, as I trust that more and more and have faith, like, you know, as I take my place in my own life, what happens is it's so much more impactful for the people that I'm working with. So for example, after I give a talk a lot of times at Agape, we pray with people after service, and I'll sit there and pray with person after person after person after person. And when I'm really let myself sink deeply in this place of AS ME, there's something that comes out that so much more, has so much more conviction back of it than any of the other stages. Like I am, when I sit there, I'm taking 100% like I am fully seated in the way that spirit is choosing to use me, and it's impactful, and it's strong, and it lands, and that's exciting. So to me it's a muscle, and I remind myself on a daily basis. Like, that's what I need to do just to remind myself to take my place in my life, you know? I think so many of us, especially women, learn to be appeasing, we learned to be accommodating, we learned to, you know, not rock the boat too much, or maybe just a tad, and so like, I knew that I had really done something significant in my life when people started saying to me, when I would get on stage, like: "You're a spiritual badass." And I started hearing that a lot, and I was like: "Wow." Because I'm such a polite, nice, like, you know, I don't rock the boat, I don't make waves kind of person. But something that's not like, something that doesn't give a shit what anybody else thinks or says is starting to come out, and it's so, that's where the juices in this life. It's when we claim ourselves.

“That's where the juice is in this life- ...when we claim ourselves.” -Julie Moret

So that's the invitation, as somebody listening. And if it upsets you that I cursed, it's like, what's more important than that? I think your life is, I think whatever wants to be born inside of you, whatever wants to be unleashed is, you know, whenever there is a chronic illness, or chronic aches, or pains, there's something that probably needs to be said or done. There's an action that's wanting to happen through you.

So I always go back to taking the time to, when we talk about how do you manifest things, I like the idea of like you sit your butt down and you don't move until you're moved. So for me, I meditate, you know, whatever it works for somebody, it can be going to the gym, or yoga, or walks in nature, those flow actions, so it could be painting, or sculpting, or anything that absorbs the physical body and allows the critical part of the brain, which is, you know, the part assessing everything, a judging everything, let's all that quiet down. I like to do activities that absorb that stuff so that flow, nature, spirit, God can give me breadcrumbs, can give me hints, guides, clues about what next to do. And then as soon as I get an inspiration pounce, like you pounce on that. And it took me a while, especially when I started writing, because I had this feeling that I was supposed to be writing, like it was just something I knew about myself. And these phrases would come through me that aren't, how I speak in regular, you know, daily life but they were BEAUTIFUL, like, I'm a word sculptor. So I would write them down, but then I'd look at it later and I'd be like, you know, who am I to write a book? Like everybody writes a book. And for years I kept putting it aside, but then these phrases would come through. And so I learned through this process that I'm talking about going through the different stages of spiritual growth and development, I learned to trust it, that it's coming to me in a very specific way, like every artist, we're all artists. So we have our slant on how life is meant to shine and emanate. And so I started to trust that. And social media has been great on that because I'll get an inspiration and it could be at the most wrong time to post. Like you know, they'd tell you there are all these algorithms on when to post on that. It can be the most wrong time to post and it'll get hundreds of responses because something true came through.

Shirley Owens: Right.

Julie Moret: So that's what we get to follow.

Shirley Owens: No, I just believe that so much. It's actually reminding me of something that I wrote about in my book that I haven't even thought of until these words that you're saying. I'd put a quote from Alison Wonderland's book, or the story, and Alice said: "Would you please tell me which way I ought to go from here?" The Cheshire cat: "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to." Alice: "I don't much care where." The cat: "Then it doesn't matter which way you go."

Julie Moret: (laughs) Yes.

Shirley Owens: So long as I get somewhere. The Cheshire cat says: "Oh, you're sure to do that if you only walk long enough." And I wrote, how long are you willing to walk without knowing where you are going, or being able to tell how best to get there. I think, in my book I was talking a little bit more about coaching and having someone help you, or you know, a greater knowledge, but that just really stood out to me. Like I haven't even thought about that part of my book in a couple of years until you brought this up. But if we just sit and allow life to happen and things to happen, then we're living in that to me.

Julie Moret: Right.

Shirley Owens: Right.

Julie Moret: Right. So I like to create what's called like a mythic maps. So when somebody sits down to pray with me and they'll say: "I want to feel peace." I'll usually say something like, or I want love or something, I'll say: "So what will be happening And I invite you as you're listening, think of what it is like go for your biggest one, your juiciest one. What are you really wanting in your life? And then the question is, when you have that, what will you be doing or doing differently, or not doing? Like, get a sense of, when you have love, when you have peace, when you have prosperity, when you're really rocking in that area, what will be different? What will be happening? And that creates a mythic map, so it gives something to hang an intention on too. So then we're not just wandering, we've set up kind of this structure that's out there like a magnet pulling us towards it. Now I have no idea what way, shape or form it's going to end up happening in. For example, for the longest time, I don't, maybe about five years I started having this sense like this voice inside of me that said I'm not to get on stage unless it's a healing. So then I got into my mind an idea of what that's supposed to look like. And so, I got into my mind's an idea of what I thought that was supposed to look like. And I remember having an appointment with a practitioner one day and I was so disappointed because here I am, I speak in front of thousands of people and I have this intention and he interrupted me and he said: "And you don't think that's already happening?" And it was like, I couldn't see it because there is a particular way that I expected it to happen. And then once he said that, I started noticing all these things that started happening where somebody who's homeless one day, and I pray with him, and then he comes to me the next week and says: "The most extraordinary thing happened." And like blah, blah, blah, blah. And all of a sudden this prosperity float in, or this person that had a diagnosis in her abdomen and the doctors can't find it and all these things. But I had a thought of what it was supposed to look like and it wasn't happening the way I expected. So that's what we get to do, we get to create a mythic map. So you set an idea up, what is it I want? I want connection. Okay, so what will be happening, or happening differently in your life when that happens? I'll have a beautiful man or a woman in my life. I'll have somebody to have supper with at night. I'll have somebody to lay beside me at night. I want greater health. I'll be, you know, choosing fresh leaf, dark leafy greens. I'll be drinking more water. I want more prosperity. I'm really stressed with a flare. Like I'm really just put myself together every day. I'll keep my home just so, like you create this mythic map, but then let it go. So now you have something that your consciousness hangs on to, and then you allow your flow activities to unleash creative energy in your life. And then opportunities, circumstances, synchronicities start popping up. Does all that make sense?

Shirley Owens: For sure. Yes, it totally makes sense. And a lot of it is, then do it now, right? Well, I guess I hear people say, I want, when this happens, I'll be happy. When I get this, this'll be what it looks like. Or when I get this, this will be what it looks like. I mean, do you feel that there are those kinds of things that they can be doing before that to kind of create that, like to manifest it.

Julie Moret: Yeah. So, okay. So when we create in our mind, we get a sense of what our happiness will look like. My happiness will look like a really hot guy, my happiness will look like, you know, getting that degree, so we have those mythic maps, but you keep doing the inner work. So the inner work will allow you to enjoy whatever outer results you get, otherwise it's all fluff and nothing changes inside. So then there's still a void, there's still hunger, there's still in need, there's still craving, there's still something for something. So we keep doing the inner work, which is turning it all over to spirit. It's meditating, it's how can you use me Lord. And then when I do that, then it's not completable, so there's no ending. I think where we get hung up sometimes as if we have a goal, like my goal is to be an author, my goal is to be speaker, my goal is to be married. Then when we get the goal, of course it's going to be a let down cause it's like walking off the edge of a cliff. But if my goal is to make sure that every human being on the planet gets food this day, if my goal is making sure that every child is protected, if my goal is to make sure that I develop myself as fully as possible in this lifetime, that every single day I wake up with a devouring hunger to serve as much as I can than something that is not completable, I'm never going to finish all of that. And I think that's where, so the mythic map, the stepping stones, but then there has to be like a greater, greater purpose. That's the thing that's never ending, that's not completable, that's eternal. And it's really important for us to have those things because otherwise life gets flat when we get our material external goals checked off, right? So that's what's woken up inside of me over these last couple of years. It's like I'm doing a lot of the things that I had dreamt, but never fathomed what actually happened in my life. Like many of them, I'm living it, it's extraordinary. But then something new, I felt dissatisfied, I felt like, Oh, this is it? And so, then I started following that feeling of like, there's more, there's more. And it has taken me on to such a wild ride. Shirley, I am practicing mysticism in a whole new way. I'm leaving in four days to go climb Mount Ausangate in Peru with shaman and continue studying with them. Life gets deeper, it gets richer, there is no end, there's no ceiling. It becomes like this unending vastness and it's all about, how can I be everything I came into this life to be.

“There has to be a greater, greater purpose…. And it's really important for us to have those things because otherwise, life gets flat when we get our material, external goals checked off.” -Julie Moret

Shirley Owens: That's beautiful.

Julie Moret: Exciting. That's when life gets exciting, you know, and then all the weight is not on the hot guy or the hot girl when they show up. All the weight isn't on when you finally, when the numbers on the scale finally say a certain thing, or the numbers on the bank account. It takes the pressure off because you are the grace of God unfolding, you are here to be your ray of sunshine, you're another wave in the ocean, you're here to shine, to serve something always, forever, every single day. There's more, it can go more. I find that thrilling.

Shirley Owens: I do, yes. And I think that the thing that most people miss is that when you are living like this, all those other things tend to show up anyway.

Julie Moret: Yeah.

Shirley Owens: And when they do, they just fall in line, they fall in line with whatever's going on. They just go with the flow and it's not a forced, it's not a forced happening with like you say, the let down and it just happens. You wake up 20 years later and like, wow, I have the hot guy, the bank account, this and that, and the good business, and I'm still climbing a mountain. And I really don't even care what anyone else thinks, you know, it's just, I think that when those things, when you live for yourself and to serve others, and when you're constantly seeking for more knowledge and more ways to serve, and all of this that you're talking about, everything that our world paints as success, or happiness, or whatever, all that stuff shows up.

“When you live for yourself and to serve others… everything that our world paints as success or happiness ...all that stuff shows up.” -Shirley Owens

Julie Moret: It does, it really does. But it has legs underneath it cause we have a foundation that we've established.

Shirley Owens: Yes.

Julie Moret: You know, it's very exciting. It's a whole other way of doing business. It's, you know, the non doingness of manifestation is when we do the inner work, it's that inner spiritual workout of building trust and faith, and allowing my life, that's the juicy work.

Shirley Owens: Wow. Yeah. That is phenomenal. So I have a question.

Julie Moret: Sure.

Shirley Owens: As you look back over your life, is there anything that you would have done differently than you do?

Julie Moret: Yeah. You know, I spent a lot of time caring what other people think especially when I stepped into this kind of a position where I'm up in front of a lot of people and,you know, they let me know exactly what they think. If my dress, if my skirt is too short, or my heels are too high, or like I spent a lot of time caring and appeasing and just dimming myself down just enough that I wouldn't make too many waves. And I think what's happened, the shift inside of me is that I no longer feel like I'm up there representing myself, it's less about me, and so because of that, because I'm there to allow something to just radiate spirit, I'm not as attached to what anybody thinks. And the funny thing is less people have a response, like it's more positive.

Shirley Owens: They haven't noticed the things that they noticed before because there's--

Julie Moret: Yes, yes. I never thought of that before, that is so funny. I never thought of that before, but really that's the shift. When I was thinking that I was the talks, when I was thinking that I was letting the talks move through me, I would get a lot of response back from people and there's something that is so unwavering about where I stand now because it's really about serving this creative force, the universal life force energy, I think that it's the unwaveringness of it and the non attachment that I have to it, that I don't even get those kinds of comments anymore. That's so interesting.

Shirley Owens: It's funny cause I was just thinking that right as you were talking and then you said it.

Julie Moret: Yeah. Oh, that was great, I hadn't even realized that. That's true.

Shirley Owens: That is really cool. Well, I also wanted to ask if, so all the listeners out there are, I'm sure that they're just like, wow, how do I become like this? This feels like the ultimate way of life. What is one thing you could leave today? One takeaway that could start them on a path.

Julie Moret: I'm a tools person, so that's how I got here. I got here by learning strategies, and technologies, and practices that I would do cause I'm somebody that needs resources. So just listing tools, my book, What's Your What? was really helpful and helping me understand some of the things that we've talked about. And then I have audio CD's online that are guided practices. There's a guided shamanic journey, they're guided practices that cover what we're talking about. And then let me just take a moment, so aside from those things, what's one thing I would say, remember that the activities where you get really sucked in, it could be baking, it could be cooking, or sketching, or dance, or hikes in nature, something that you get really absorbed in and just notice what happens in your life when you start scheduling it in on a more regular basis. If it's not weekly right now, start out. I like things really manageable and doable. So if you're not doing it at all, scheduling, maybe five minutes once a week and then ramp it up as needed. I like to accrue victories. So whatever is manageable for you, pick and then build it up because what you're doing, when I take two minutes or four minutes in dance to some songs in my bedroom when nobody's looking, I'm opening up the creative channels and more flow will happen that way. Then however many hours, I want to sit down and write a list of my goals and objectives.

Shirley Owens: I really like that. I've never really looked at it that way before. I only out in the sun and just, yeah, your mind just travels and you come out feeling inspired and that's wonderful. I love that.

Julie Moret: One of the things that I cover a lot and What's Your What? is about how set up your environment so it becomes self inspiring. So it's the way that we, you know, pictures, or objects, or things because we have a chemical, biological, physiological, psychological, emotional response to everything around us all the time that's just already happening. So then in a very conscious way, for example, I had the opportunity to work with Marianne Williamson once we were on, we shared a stage together, and afterwards she made a very big extraordinary compliments to me. She gave me an amazing compliment and I wrote it down word for word and it sits right on top of my computer screen, so I just see that every day. Because she's somebody that's meaningful to me in my life as far as her career. And so things like that, like pictures of, there was a time when I was doing the trainers training programs for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and I would drive back and forth along distance every day to get down to the location site, and so I was traveling at dusk and dawn. And there's a certain kind of pastel the sky that when I see that it reawakens a time when I felt massive competency, I felt massive success, like I was really doing something with my life. So I have an image of that color skyline in my office. So those kinds of things are the way that you choose your environment. That's another super easy thing and you could do that on a regular basis. I know we're coming short on time. I just thought of a bunch of others, but that's a good start.

Shirley Owens: You are awesome, so great.

Julie Moret: My pleasure.

Shirley Owens: I'd love for you to tell us how, all the different ways of how we can get in touch with you.

Julie Moret: Sure, yeah, of course,, J-U-L-I-E-M-O-R-E-T.C-O-M is my website. I also have a YouTube channel under my name and it's got a bunch of speaking clips, my speaking style is kind of chicken soup for the soul. It's a funny, poignant fear stories with universal principles and teachings layered inside my book What's Your What? CD's are online on Amazon. And then on Instagram, I think it's Rev. Julie Moret , R-E-V-J-U-L-I-E-M-O-R-E-T, and Facebook, and Twitter, and all that good stuff.

Shirley Owens: Awesome. Well, thank you so much for being on Get What You Want Podcast. I really feel blessed to have you today, so thank you.

Julie Moret: Oh, it's my absolute pleasure. Thank you Shirley.

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