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Get What You Want By Listening To The Voice Of Your Soul with Devi Adea

“Listen to [the expression of the voice of your soul] and see what it wants to express through you, because that expression is where you're going to experience fulfillment and where you're going to be the gift to the world that you were born to be.” -Devi Adea

Are you struggling to find that sense of fulfillment in your life? Maybe something inside of you keeps shoving you to find the purpose of your existence. Today, Shirley and Devi Adea talk about how to get what you want by listening to the expression of the voice of your soul. Just what that is and how it can lead you to your greatness is the theme of this episode. Learn how you can express your tone into the world with a vibration that’s full of love and happiness. Tune in and learn how you can find your access point. You can start to live a fulfilled life today!


02:26 The Search For Fulfillment

09:33 Out and Alive

16:25 Express Love Into The World

22:02 Your Tone

27:14 The 30-Day Habit For Divine Discontent

31:37 Gratitude

36:07 Step Into Your Own Greatness Earlier



Express the voice of your soul. Tune in as @SfbaldwinOwens and @deviadea talks about how to find happiness and fulfillment.#getwhatyouwant #love #fulfillment #HappyVibe #voiceofyoursoul #taketheleap #30dayhabit


  • 10:20 “There's something in the unique mix of what happens when we harness the gifts that we have been given… and bring that out and share that in a way that we're serving others- that is where that true fulfillment lies.” -Devi Adea

  • 14:23 “So much of us spend the time trying to get to something that's in the future that we forget that everything that we have is right here right now.” -Devi Adea

  • 19:00 “We have the power to create whatever it is that we want. We do that through finding evidence in whatever it is that we want.” -Shirley Owens

  • 22:05 “What matters more than what you say is the tone that you bring in.” -Devi Adea

  • 25:58 “Listen to [the expression of the voice of your soul] and see what it wants to express through you, because that expression is where you're going to experience fulfillment and where you're going to be the gift to the world that you were born to be.” -Devi Adea

Connect With Devi:

Devi Adea is the host of the Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast, the Podcast on Purpose podcast, and Devi TV - The Podcast. Debbie is recognized as an Icon of Influence in The New Media Space. Her show, The Spiritual Entrepreneur was nominated for People's Choice Podcasts Award in 2019. In addition to hosting her own podcasts, Debbie continues to help other leaders to launch their own purpose-driven podcasts through her Podcasts on Purpose Online Academy and VIP events. Debbie also works with spiritual entrepreneurs and leaders to bring a consciousness upgrade to their business, life, and mission. When she's not serving or interviewing leaders in the industry. Debbie enjoys making music, doing yoga, and spending time with her husband and their adorable four babies in their home in San Diego, California.


Shirley Owens: My guest today is Devi Adea. Devi is the host of the Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast, the podcast on The Purpose Podcast and Devi TV! The Podcast. Devi is recognized as an icon of influence in the new media space and her show, Spiritual Entrepreneur, was nominated for People's Choice Podcast Awards in 2019. In addition to hosting her own podcast, Devi continues to help other leaders to launch their own purpose driven podcasts through her Podcast on Purpose, Online Academy and VIP Events. Devi also works with spiritual entrepreneurs and leaders to bring a consciousness upgrade to their business life and mission. When she's not serving or interviewing leaders in the industry, Devi enjoys making music, doing yoga, and spending time with her husband, and they're adorable fur babies in their home in San Diego, California.

Welcome, Devi.

Devi Adea: Hi Shirley. It's so wonderful to be here. Thank you so much for having me.

Shirley Owens: I'm so grateful that you said yes to me. And I met you as an icon of influence, I guess it's been like almost a year and a half ago at New Media Summit, and we got to spend a few days together, and I loved just your soft feminine energy, and your kindness, and your dancing, and all the fun things that we did. It was just so fun, and I realized that you have all these podcastings going on, but I do know that there's so much more to you. So I wanted to just start today by telling me more about you, your story, and then we can move on to all the amazing things that you do in the world.

Devi Adea: Awesome. Well, and I have to tell you, Shirley, the feeling is completely mutual. I love meeting you. I loved our time together. You're just as radiant light in the world, and it was really great to get to connect with you. And I'm honored to be here. So thank you for asking.

Shirley Owens: Oh, you're so sweet, thank you.

Devi Adea: Yeah. So my story is an interesting one, so this'll be fun. So I grew up in Washington DC. I live in San Diego now, as Shirley mentioned. And in DC I had a family that was cosmopolitan yet also very mystical. So I had this split experience as a child. And I remember, just to give you an idea, my dad was president of a bank in Yogi, my grandpa's in the FBI, and my grandma was the mystic.

Shirley Owens: Wow.

Devi Adea: Yeah, my mom was a VA before VA's a thing, but she also was deeply clairvoyant, and that sort of thing. So I had this experience, where the mystical side was very cloaked, and really what was put out into the world is more of the cosmopolitan side. So I remember being a child, I was like five, I was at kindergarten and we were out on recess, and I was playing with this kid and we're jumping in the leaves, it wasn't a beautiful fall day. And this kid's like, so what'd you do this weekend? And I was like, Oh, well, I had dinner at my grandma's house, my dad's relative was there visiting, and this kid's like, what? Dead people don't come to dinner, are you freak, you're crazy, and all this stuff. And I thought, what did I say? What did I do wrong? And I remember going to my grandma and being like, grandma: "Why is that kid calling me a freak? What did I do? And she's like: "Oh, honey, you can't talk about what we talk about at the dinner table. Lock you in a rubber room and throw away the key like that, it has to stay with us.: So really early on in my life, I learned to like, there were things that were safe to talk about, that was kind of my external world. And there were these things that were really the rich and real parts of my life experience, which were more my experience of my own soul, and what is the essence behind everything that we create in our life. That consciousness piece as well. I focused a lot growing up on achievement and I got a dual degree from Carnegie Mellon, and then I went and I worked in high tech for Oracle for like seven years.

And I remember it was new year's Eve when I was working at Oracle. I was in my 20's, I wrote out my short list or what we call a bucket list right nowadays of things that I want to do before I die. And I found a list from two years prior and I look at the list and I'm like, wow, they're the same list in two years of my life. I've done nothing of the things that I say are most important to me to do. So I was like, okay, well, I'm going to check one off a month. So that year I scheduled I go scuba diving, I became a licensed skydiver, I traveled Europe, I ran a marathon, and moved as a crazier. And at the end of the year I'm like, okay, my list is almost checked off. And I was like, now what? Because I had this idea that I was going to feel fulfilled by checking off this list. I was making all this money so someday be able to do these things that were like the finish line of the game, if you will, where you would be happy. And I just remember having this feeling of, this isn't it? So I realized if it wasn't really about acquisition, because I could buy whatever I wanted at that time. And it really wasn't just about experiences, although they're amazing, and they stretched you, and they show you different parts of yourself that you may not normally have. Jumping out of an airplane does change you in some ways.

Shirley Owens: Forever, yeah.

Devi Adea: I was like, well, maybe it's about, my friend invited me to an event and the person that was having the event was like, if you want to make a difference in the lives of people, we're starting a coaching division. And I was like, maybe it's about contribution. Maybe if I'm making a difference for people then I'll experience fulfillment. So I left corporate, I went to work for one of the leaders in the coaching industry. And while it was really awesome making a difference for people, that definitely felt really good to me. I felt like there was so much more than I wanted to share and give, and I still had this part of me inside that was annoying and pulling on me, there's something else here. And fast forward, I went through a lot of searching. I'm sitting on a plane, after I left that coaching job and went out on my own, did my own entrepreneurship back in, I guess it was like 2000, it was a while ago. I'm dating myself here. Years later, I'm on a plane and I'm flying from San Diego to DC, and back again, and I'm listening to this podcast on podcasting. And I was like, maybe I'll just listen to this show. So I listened to the whole thing at the end I was like, I think I want to do my own show. So still, meanwhile, I've gone through all of these different things. I've tried all of these different things looking for that fulfillment that I had been seeking. And I call my friend when I get back and I'm like: "Hey, Flavio, I think I want to do a show." And she's like: "That's really interesting. I want to do one as well." So I was like: "Okay, well why don't we just pick a deadline? We'll say it's like two months, and we're going to put our shows out." And she said: "Well, what's it going to be on?" And I was like: "I'm not really sure. I know you've had since the 90's, and I know you've used it for little things, but you want to use that for your show?" And I was like: "I can't do that." And she's like: "What do you mean you can't do that?" I'm like: "I can't talk about that." In my mind, I hadn't forgotten, I'll be locked away in a rubber room if I share that and they'll throw away the key. So all of these years, I'm sharing spiritual principles, but very cloaked, very, very cloaked. And so she says: "Well, you got 72 hours or something, better choose." So we love friends like that.

Shirley Owens: Yeah.

Devi Adea: So 72 hours later, I hadn't picked anything better. I had to make a decision. I said: "Alright, we're going to go with Spiritual Entrepreneur." And I was terrified, Shirley. I was like, Oh, my God, how do I talk about this? I did my first three episodes for launch when I was launching my show, and two of the episodes I did were interviews so I didn't have to talk about me.

Shirley Owens: Right.

Devi Adea: And the first episode was the hardest for me because I was like, I have to tell my story. I have to let people know that I'm that little five-year-old, you did how many?

Shirley Owens: Like 70 takes online. I'm not joking.

Devi Adea: And this was my thing. So it's the last day of two months, I feel you. Last day of two months and I'm like, okay, I'm sitting in Virginia in a rickety chair in my aunt's kids room because my apartment in DC at the time where I was visiting, I have a place over there in San Diego, was being on. And I'm looking at myself in the mirror in my cousin's little teenage bedroom, trying to figure out how I'm going to do this. And I literally, I looked at myself, I said, you get three tries, best of three, you got to pick it, and that's it. And then if you want to replace it after launch, you can, but you have to do it. So the deadline really helped. And midnight that night I pushed publish, and I thought for sure, something's going to happen to me, but there was some part of this little girl inside of me that was still scared. They didn't lock me up, they didn't throw away the key.

Shirley Owens: It's amazing, right? There are people that actually like you.

Devi Adea: Yeah. But it actually started to open me up to realize, Oh, this is what I'm starting to experience relief for the first time. I was like, I get it. So what I started to realize, I've been running my show now for four years or whatever it's been, three something, in 2016, I did the math. But it's been me really out there sharing my voice and being more out spiritually and allowing myself to express that voice of my soul in service to humanity, I find what's really brought me that experience of what had thought I would have at the finish line of creating and achieving all those things I thought I would achieve. I realized that it really isn't about acquisition, it's not about experiences, it's not even just about being of contribution. There's something in the unique mix of what happens when we harness the gifts that we have been given, and we take that unique expression that is our own soul, and we allow that to be its fullest use in the world and service to humanity where we start to bring that out and share that in a way that we're serving others. That to me is where that true fulfillment lies.

“There's something in the unique mix of what happens when we harness the gifts that we have been given… and bring that out and share that in a way that we're serving others- that is where that true fulfillment lies.” -Devi Adea

Shirley Owens: Oh, I love that.

Devi Adea: And in that process, in the process you get to learn more of the light that you are, and get to witness the light in other people, and then you start to learn what that's all about. So it's really special.

Shirley Owens: I love that. I know we had a talk before about this, and something that I've realized is that for one thing, you're so right, you're so correct on that. I think that maybe people that don't really want to be in touch with that mystic side of themselves, they're like, no, no, no, no, I don't want to know that I have a purpose, or I don't want to know that there's something out there. But I mean, obviously, we're all created differently. We're all here for a different purpose. I mean, for me it's so obvious, but I like to think about it as a straight line of who I am personally. And then when something veers me off of that, I realize like I get uneasy, or anxiety, or something sets in. It just doesn't feel exactly right to who I am. And I realized that a lot of my life, I did that same thing, just cloaking who you are and trying to fit in, and trying to figure out what other people want you to. So I love what you're saying because I think it's so important to find that space in that place that's you.

Devi Adea: It's so true. And I love how you say a straight line because I always think about alignment.

Shirley Owens: Yeah.

Devi Adea: How do we align with that truth of who we are? I know for me too, I stopped growing when I was 12, so I was six feet tall at age 12, fully developed.

Shirley Owens: Wow.

Devi Adea: Trying to fit in is not something that's going to happen now for me, it's not a winning game, right? I think we need to pick our games really smartly, and I think that's true for most of us, we look at what is the game that we're going to play in life? We're given an amount of time. How do we want to set it up? And I think so much of our lives can get set up on an unconscious path because we're looking at someone's hands, you a set of pictures when you're born and they're like, make your life look like this. And we forget that we have the capacity to develop our own film, that we have the capacity. And I guess we use digital analysis, not the best metaphor, but we have the ability to create our own artwork or own JPEGs, because we don't have to look like anybody else's. So I think there's something that's a gift of looking at like, what is it that, when we're setting our goals in our life, or what it is we're really playing for? What is the truth of the experience of what we're wanting to have? And I think most of us, if you ask anyone what is it that you're doing this for? Whatever your goal is, and ultimately, I think we get to a place of a feeling, and that feeling is usually around love, joy, fulfillment. There's something in that vibrational range that we're all looking for, going for in whatever we're doing. And I think if we can start from that place, which I believe is the essence of the voice of all of our souls, I feel like that's a part of who we all are. But if you can come to the place of looking at, well, I want to, let's say launch this show to experience joy, let's say that. Or ultimately maybe it would be to connect with more people and then eventually that's going to get you down. If you go well, what will that give you? What will that give you? Eventually we'll get to the place where it's a feeling of connection, and love, and fulfillment. If we can start and look now, where is love and fulfillment in our lives? Here, right here, right now with us in this moment. And put ourselves in that feeling of nature. Now, we enjoy the process of creating and experiencing that down the road. I think so much of us spend the time trying to get to something that's in the future that we forget that everything that we have is right here, right now.

“So much of us spend the time trying to get to something that's in the future that we forget that everything that we have is right here right now.” -Devi Adea

Shirley Owens: Yeah. So I mean, my shows Get What You Want, right? And a lot of our focus is getting what you want. And when I first started, I wanted to get all these people who I really felt they got what they wanted and then have them to other people, how they can get what they want and what it's always been for me. And what I'm learning is that maybe I do fit into the crowd that doesn't fit in.

Devi Adea: Yes.

Shirley Owens: I've always been, but I hear constantly, if I get this, then I'll be happy. As soon as this week, I just gotta get through this week. I've just gotta get through this paycheck. I've just got to get to the next thing, and then I'm going to be happy. And every time I hear that, I'm just like, Oh, I'm so sad for you because I know that that's not gonna make you happy. And so you're giving a shortcut to, Hey, by the way, if you just love, and serve, and be who you are, that's where the happy is. And I've always been a happy person. It's weird because I've had downtimes in my life, but ever since I was a child, I've never really fit in because I'm like, why is it around so sad? I know everything's going to happen, but everyday the sun's gonna come up and the sun's going to go down, and the day's going to be there and we're going to go through what we go through. We can choose to be happy through it or we can choose to be miserable through it. So I've always just chosen HAPPY. I mean, for the most part, I just pop out of things and I'm like, okay, the worst case scenario is this, but at least we're blah, blah, blah, just happy. I like to try to find a happy place. So I am also a true believer of love. And I really do think that all of our souls need that. That is what we need the most, and how we feel that, and how we get that. I think all these other things are just masking what we're missing out with that thing.

Devi Adea: I totally agree with you. I think that the thing that we forget is the essence of who we are, and we get what we give. So when we're actually expressing that light of love that we are, and this is gonna sound a little bit chunked out, we'll just say, but I really find that if you can remember the vibration of your own soul, if you can express that, you're expressing love into the world. Whatever that looks like for you, it returns in kind in your experience and you'll start to have more of that. And I believe that it's a practice. I think some of us will just naturally have a tone that's very happy like you, you come from that place, you can feel the vibration of joy when you're around you. You're not someone who is around, you're like, Oh, that's a happier vibration, they feel troubled. You know what I mean? We move in and out of that in our lives. But your set point feels more like a happy place. And I think we can all practice ourselves into coming from a vibration that is happy, or it's in the place of love. And what I found for myself is when the more joy I am, the more happy I am. The more I'm living in that place and really expressing that in my life, the more that I experienced. So I find when I'm on vacation, I manifest way more quickly because I'm in a place of joy, and crazy awesome things happen. So I think just remembering that it's a practice, and it's habits that we create, and it's a perspective we come from, and it's a choice. And I know we all have things that pull us out of that that are painful because we're humans, right?

Shirley Owens: Yeah, for sure.

Devi Adea: But putting ourselves in that place or choosing the next best feeling towards it, if you need to move into it can really make a huge difference in what we experience on a day to day basis, and the magic and miracles that our lives can be.

Shirley Owens: I agree. I always say we have the power to create whatever it is that we want. And I think that we do that through finding evidence in whatever it is that we want. So I have a very close relative that's going through some major issues right now, and I keep telling her the only way out of it is to work your way out of it. You just have to do the work, and whatever that is, whatever the situation, if it's finances, or if it's a broken heart, or mourning, or grief, or whatever, we really have to do the work. And there's evidence all around us that we can grasp onto for good or bad.

“We have the power to create whatever it is that we want. We do that through finding evidence in whatever it is that we want.” -Shirley Owens

Devi Adea: 100%. And we were just talking before the show about Marianne Williamson, and I just did an episode with her, and our political arenas are not the best situation right now. We were talking in the episode about how a lot of people will turn away from what's there and move into like, I don't see it, I don't see it. And I think one of the things that she teaches that I love, it's been a shift for me too, is rather than looking away, looking into it and bringing the light of who we are, and the love that we are into the experience of whatever that is, and piercing through it because there is love there. And that's the truth of it. It's an experience that's been created to teach us. And I think what you're saying is so powerful because truly, any situation that we're in, if we give it love, if we will be willing to return to that and see it in the situation, and affirm that that is the truth of it can change in a moment.

Shirley Owens: Yeah. And for me, I find that easier. I guess easy is such a powerful word and also scary for people, but I think for me, it's just easy to see that side. Like a teenager who's going through something, or it's just like, Oh, it's simple. I just need to love them more. And as soon as I love them more, then they open up, and then we get through whatever it is that we get through, or a client, or your spouse, whatever. I have found that 100% of the time, if I just love that person, we get through stuff so much easier.

Devi Adea: It's been amazing. And how long have you been practicing that? A long time, right?

Shirley Owens: Yeah.

Devi Adea: So be gentle on yourself. If you're listening and you've been practicing this for a while, if you're not, yeah.

Shirley Owens: I didn't know what it was that realized, I've definitely failed a lot of things because I didn't allow myself to go to that place that was supernatural for me. And I say supernatural, which is funny because, meaning, very natural. But then at the same time, I think others think it's supernatural because they're like, wait, what? What is that? What is that that I'm feeling out of your touch? Or like, what is that? How are you doing that? How are you making these people like you? Or whatever. It's just like, Oh, wait, it's so simple. But yeah, you're right. It just takes practice, anyone can have it.

Devi Adea: My dad always says like, there's a tone that you bring. He says: "What matters more than what you say is the tone that you bring in." It's not just your auditory tone. Obviously when we speak, we have a certain vibration and the instrument of our voice that literally goes and touches another person. If they're in a room, if they're on the other end of a headset, you're sending vibration to that person. There's a vibrational tone, but there's a tone in the essence of who we be in the world and the energy that we bring, and your tone is so in that place of love and happiness that you bring that, and it touches people, and that's something that I think is natural for you, and it's something that we can cultivate too. We can shift the tone and the frequency with which we vibrate, and the frequency with which we bring to life and how things respond.

“What matters more than what you say is the tone that you bring in.” -Devi Adea

Shirley Owens: So nice of you to say it because--

Devi Adea: Just truth.

Shirley Owens: I love that you say that, because for the longest time I'm like, I'm not doing a podcast because I can't stand my voice. And when I met you, and then I met Amy, and I'm like, I just have their voice because I feel like their voice is so soft, and I imagine myself in a room with a water feature going and some aroma therapy while you're talking. I'm glad that my voice actually brings something and part of my energy comes through that because--

Devi Adea: It does.

Shirley Owens: It's definitely different than what I am calmed by.

Devi Adea: I think it's beautiful, I love your voice. And I love the voice of your soul. The voice of your soul is really beautiful.

Shirley Owens: Yeah, you're wonderful. Thank you.

Devi Adea: Thank you.

Shirley Owens: So taking all of this knowledge and aligning yourself, and you've done so many shows and met so many people, what does that let up to Devi today?

Devi Adea: Yeah. So now what I'm doing more of is I'm expressing, again, the safety of letting yourself come out spiritually. It's a gradual process, it's a practice. So I would say, the first year or two of doing my podcast, I was still living cloaked. If I was working with a C level executive or something, I would be like, Oh, so we're going to talk about sourcing. And I wouldn't use spiritual words, but I would use words like sourcing your team, like we outsource. We would talk about sourcing their own life, but I would keep it very close. So now, I've really decided to come out more. And now, what I'm really focusing on is being fully out with all of who I am, and sharing the gifts that I have, and allowing myself to really serve humanity in a bigger way with the light of my own soul fully. So what I've been doing for a while is working with spiritual entrepreneurs and leaders that end up really being conscious leaders that want to make a difference in the world through expressing the voice of their own soul through the work they do in the world. I'm also putting together some work called the Consciousness Upgrade that allows people to really start to shift their tone and vibration into alignment with what it is they're wanting to create, and change that vibrational set point for themselves so that they manifest and attract differently, but also experience fulfillment as they're doing it. And I am also still helping people launch their shows for a platform to share that voice of their soul in the world. My podcast has led to extraordinary opportunities, like, I've been able to go and speak on stages. When we met, I was being featured with Steve Olsher, my kind of influence. There's different things that have opened up for me through being willing to take that leap, being willing, or not having a better choice, that 72 hours later.

Shirley Owens: Oh, I get it.

Devi Adea: To push publish, right? So if you're listening in today and you're feeling like there's some part of you that like you've been cloaking, or you've been hiding, or there's something that's knowing and pushing on you from the inside, that's like that expression of the voice of your soul in the world, that part of why you're here. Because truly, we're here for a limited time, all of us can be guaranteed that. I really would encourage you to take some time to sit with it, listen to it, and see what it wants to express through you. Because I believe in that expression is where you're going to experience fulfillment and where you're really going to be the gift to the world that you were born to be. If I can encourage you in any way to do that, I'd love to encourage you and support you.

“Listen to [the expression of the voice of your soul] and see what it wants to express through you, because that expression is where you're going to experience fulfillment and where you're going to be the gift to the world that you were born to be.” -Devi Adea

Shirley Owens: I love that. So say I am not open to any of this, but I'm listening to this, and there is like a tug inside of me. So C level executive, doctor, somebody in a space where I'm married to a doctor, so I always bring that up, but he has just become open to all of this, and I've watched it and it's so beautiful because they get the benefit of both worlds, right? Just that super smart scientific world and then this crazy world that we have that everything's just open, and I think that I bring that up because you, Devi, if someone came to you and said, okay, I don't buy any of this stuff but there is something tugging inside of me. What's the first thing that you would have? What's the first step to have somebody actually realize, Oh, wait, there is this part of me that I really do have a purpose, or something that needs to come out.

Devi Adea: Totally, and feelings are a great access point to that. I like to call it divine discontent, you can call it like a pole, or whatever you want to call it. But I definitely was experiencing that now what moment you could call it now what, or divine discontent, or whatever where you're like. There's something else that's more, there's something inside of me that is like, this isn't it. There's something else, right? If you're having that experience, I would just say the feeling is the access point to you. And if you're not someone that does a lot of visualization, or meditation, or whatever, but maybe you could journal and just sit down, do some self inquiry to start, what is this that I'm feeling? Do I notice a time when I feel it more? What is it that's happening in my life right now that's giving me this feeling? When do I feel differently? And just start doing some inquiry into yourself, scientific study if you're more into that. And then what I would encourage you to do is, once you recognize through that inquiry, what it is that you're feeling,discontent around. And then what is it that you ultimately want to experience and feel in your life? I would start to play and just do an experiment and be like, okay, so this is what I'm feeling now. This is what I want to feel. And what the mental picture of what you believe will give you that new feeling, and put together literally a scientific experiment where you say, I'm going to actually focus on with an intention creating whatever that thing is that I want to experience. It could be launching a podcast, it could be traveling to the Himalayas, it could be bungee jumping, or whatever it is. And the experience that you believe that'll give you adventure, fun, freedom, whatever the feeling is, love. And set the intention that that's something that you're wanting to create. Maybe it's money, whatever that is, and start to move into the place of where in your life you experienced that ultimate feeling now, and as a habit, 30 days, as a habit, start to put yourself into the remembrance of where that is in your life right now by asking questions. So it could be so simple as saying, where in my life right now, let's say you want to experience freedom, am I experiencing freedom? And you may start with something so small because you may not be experiencing as much of it. It could just be, I'm noticing that I have a lot of freedom and how deeply I can breathe in my body. It could be, I'm noticing that I'm feeling more freedom when I leave, I can go on my car and I can drive, and I can see forever, whatever it is that gives you that feeling of freedom that's in your life. It may be, Hey, I noticed that I don't have to work the last week of the month, if you're in a different place. Whatever that is that creates that feeling of freedom. Start 10 notice where you're already experiencing that feeling now and cultivate it ongoingly.

And I learned this actually from a woman who was on my show, sometimes when we are using the reticular activating system, my old coaching training with someone who used to teach this too. But using the reticular activating system to start to look for things that we want to create. But sometimes we don't believe it. So this is what this one was teaching and we don't believe it. So let's say, you may say, well, I don't actually experience freedom in my life at all, there's nowhere for it. So this is when you would say, it used to be that I had no freedom in my life, but I'm starting to notice that I'm experiencing more freedom here, here, and here. And what happens is your reticular activating system will start to look for it. And the more that you put yourself in the place, scientific experiment, of being in that new feeling you're wanting to call it debate, be it freedom, love, abundance, whatever it is, I want you to start to write down the things that you notice that shift in your life experience. Because your life will answer in kind. Your life will start to change. Your experiences will start to move. The people that come into your life will become a different vibration because you start to change. And we oftentimes think it's the other way around, the experiences will change and then I'll change. But that's trying to create from the effect, it doesn't work that way. So it really encourages you, and then just keep that in a little notebook, and then look at it from a practical perspective, and just start to see what does change and then let us know.

Shirley Owens: I love that. Yeah, for sure. That reminds me, one, that was the next question I was gonna ask, what could people do today to start moving forward towards getting what they want through consciousness, and that really made a huge, I mean, that was the answer to it. So I love that. Thank you. The other thing is it reminds me of having people who tend to be more negative. I will have them start writing a gratitude journal, and we've talked about gratitude journals and some people like them and some people don't. But what I do is I have them write 10 things they were grateful for from the day before in the morning, and then it gets to a point where they start to panic. They're like, I need 10 things, so I'm going to start looking for all the things that I'm grateful for today. And then when you're doing that, same thing as you're saying, when they're searching for that, when they're finding evidence of that, then more and more comes into their life because they're creating it, so that they can find evidence in it, so that it can be. And I love that. That's beautiful. The other question I always ask on my show is, do you have any regret looking back over your life? Is there something that you would do again?

Devi Adea: I'm sure I do. I think I don't spend a lot of time there because I don't find that if there's too much constructive, but if I could shorten my timeline of what it took for me to figure this all out and accelerate it in any way, where I would have more of my life to live being in the fullest service to humanity with expressing the voice of my soul, if I could circumvent speed it up somehow, I probably would do it. I think that's one of my bigger regrets is just wishing that I could make that all happen faster. But again, we all do things in our own time and our own way, and I know everything that's happened in my life has really made me into the person that I am today. So I wouldn't really change any of the experiences because they've all been a gift in their own way, even when they haven't felt great.

Shirley Owens: For sure.

Devi Adea: And I would love to have this awareness. My friend was like, would you trade your, everything that you've learned to be back in your like 20 year old body or something? And I was like, no, can't we just have a younger body and keep all this?

Shirley Owens: Yes, right.

Devi Adea: I know I've got more time and everything, but yeah.

Shirley Owens: You gotta figure out how to create that.

Devi Adea: But now, this year too, I've really been taking on health, and longevity, and wellbeing. I think when you start to get older, you start to see the people that you love to start to leave the planet. And there's people, I was thinking, man, I wish I had had my show earlier because God, I loved to interview my godfather who is a Swami, right? He's a brilliant guy. I would love to have interviewed Wayne Dyer, I would love to have interviewed, there's so many people that I would love to have captured the essence of, and I wasn't in a place then to do that. So looking at those things, I think I have those moments. But this year, I'm starting to do more things, making sure I have more longevity. I've been really working on helping to play more in my body, I call it enjoying embodiment, and I'm giving myself the consciousness upgrade to my whole life, and one of those areas is health. So it's been fun, I've been ice skating, roller skating, salsa dancing multiple times, beach walking, I gave up gluten, dairy, and sugar. So I'm like making these changes that I know, for me, I'm better at all, or nothing. It's easier for me just not to eat it than it is to eat a little bit of sugar. So those are the choices now that I get to make based upon that divine discontent of not having it happen sooner, trying to extend it on the other end.

Shirley Owens: And that's how we have our shows, right? It's to try to help other people learn from us, and from our mistakes, and where we've been to start earlier in their lives, to have a greater consciousness and awareness.

Devi Adea: Totally, and to help them to learn from their own mistakes too. We all have this rich wisdom inside of us from everything that we've been through. And that's the thing that I wish I would have gotten to sooner, knowing the truth that we've been given and having the consciousness to see it. And I feel like your show, and my show, and a lot of other shows out there that have more of a consciousness piece to it are really helping to shine the light so that we all can accelerate faster, so that we can do what we're here to do in the time that we have.

Shirley Owens: I think so too. And we knew a lot of this when we were younger, but it just also had the bandwidth and the courage to put it out there. And I think that our world is opening up more to allowing people to step into their own greatness earlier. So yeah, I think that all of this is so helpful, and it's fun and I love it. Hey, I'm so grateful that you're here today, it was so fun. I'm sure that there are people that want to reach out to you, and I would love for you to tell our listeners how they can get in touch with you.

Devi Adea: Yeah. So if you listen to the show today and you're looking for more support, or you would want to potentially have someone guide you through this process, you can always reach out to my team at I have also the show if you ever want to listen to my show as well, if that resonates with you, you can just go to a

Shirley Owens: Yeah, you have a lot of great guests.

Devi Adea: Yeah, they're amazing. And this year I'm gonna be doing more solo episodes, I'm really going to be putting more of my own light out and keeping a lot of guests. I was just talking about how many episodes we already have recorded. I'm like, okay, I've got to fit it all in to the year. But yeah, and I'd love to just hear your story too, and what you're about, and what you're wanting to create. I'm not sure what the URL is, but maybe we can include it in the notes. I do have a free manifestation audio for just wanting to do your own thing, you could download that'll get you started maybe two and just put yourself in vibrational alignment with what you want to create. I think it's, or something like that (, but we can look at it.

Shirley Owens: I will have it. It'll be in the show notes on my website, so anyone that wants to get in touch with Devi can just go right to the show notes on the website and it'll be there.

Devi Adea: Awesome. Thank you so much.

Shirley Owens: Thank you, Devi. You're the best. It was so fun talking to, and I loved getting to listen to your voice for a whole hour. You're the best.

Devi Adea: Thanks, you're the best.

Shirley Owens: Alright, we'll talk to you soon. Bye.

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