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Get What You Want By Daring To Dream Big with Debbi Dachinger

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

“Let's get (limiting beliefs) out of your way, so you can fly.” - Debbi Dachinger

Do you have a dream, but don’t quite know how to get started? Debbi and Shirley talk about some tools to get you moving in the right direction. How do you use your network? How do you not become one of the majority that just allows your dream to pass you by? They discuss book writing, speaking, and accountability. Debbi shares about her Ultimate Visibility Formula and how it can help you be recognized in the media. Tune in for tips on speeding up in getting what you want!


02:17 Reasons For Loving Podcast

04:15 2 Books That Can Help You Reach Your Dreams

07:14 Being A Book Coach

11:25 Being An Award Winning Actress And Singer

14:02 Gifts In The Psychic Realm

19:22 How To Get What You Want

26:10 Being An Accountability Coach

31:08 The Ultimate Visibility Formula




Dare to Dream with Debbi Dachinger


Always pursue your dreams and enjoy the process of doing what you love. Join @SfbaldwinOwens and @DebbiDachinger on how we can reach and achieve our dreams. #getwhatyouwant#success#podcast#accountability#visibility#daretodream


  • 10:14 “When you do exactly what you're doing and you open the door and people work with you… you're moving your business forward like a rocket.” - Debbi Dachinger

  • 16:59 “We're like a jar. We expand out to the sides and the lid of the jar and then we're hitting something that is not allowing us to go bigger.” - Debbi Dachinger

  • 17:10 “Let's get (limiting beliefs) out of your way, so you can fly.” - Debbi Dachinger

  • 25:08 “In order to know where you're going, you have to have that trajectory of where you've been.” - Shirley Owens

  • 29:40 “(Accountability) is important and you can do it for free with a friend. Just make sure whoever you choose to do it with, they're going to be accountable.” - Debbi Dachinger

Connect With Debbi:

Debbi Dachinger is a media personality and Media Visibility Expert who has been interviewed on over 1000 media outlets. She's a syndicated award-winning Radio and Podcast Host, a Keynote Speaker, a Certified Coach, and author of three international best-selling books. She’s also been recently nominated for two People's Choice Podcast Awards. As a Media Visibility Authority, Debbi coaches on how to write a page-turner book and teaches The Ultimate Visibility Formula- How to be Interviewed on Radio and Podcast Shows in 60 Days or Less. Now in its 12th year, Debbi hosts the Dare To Dream Podcast. Her passion is helping her clients become distinguished go-to experts in their chosen field. Here is a link to sign up for Debbi’s Ultimate Visibility Formula:


Shirley Owens: My guest today is Debbi Dachinger. She is a Media Personality and Media Visibility expert who has been interviewed on over a thousand media outlets. She's syndicated, award-winning radio, and podcast host, recently nominated for two People’s Choice Podcast Awards, interview celebrities on the red carpet, a keynote speaker, a certified coach, and as the author of three international bestselling books. As a Media Visibility Authority, Debbi coaches people on how to write a page-turner book, runs a company that guarantees your book becomes an international bestseller, that's awesome by the way, and teach the Ultimate Visibility Formula,, how to be interviewed on radio and podcast shows in 60 days or less. Now in its 12th year, Debbi hosts a syndicated Dare to Dream podcast plus works with clients on their visibility strategy, so they use free PR to become known as the GoTo expert, a popular media guests and speakers. Debbi is a keynote at high level national events, a radio and TV personality, has been seen in the news, documentary films, on the covers of magazines, and as a regular featured contributor to publish magazines. There's so much more about you Debbi, and we get the chance to get to learn more today, right here on our show. So thank you so much for having me, or me having you. Thank you so much for being on my show, honor to have you.

Debbi Dachinger: Thanks Shirley. I am thrilled to be here and for whatever will unfold that we will create together.

Shirley Owens: Yeah. Awesome. So I got to meet you personally since you're an 'Icon of Influence' in the podcast world, and maybe we could just start talking about your podcast since it's, what? It's in its 12th year now, that's awesome.

Debbi Dachinger: Thanks, yeah, it was recently nominated for two People’s Choice Podcast Awards. And I'll tell you what my show is, and of course I started before podcasts really were given birth to. I mean, I did HardRadio, it's a station in Burbank, and that's inception. I did it for many years, and it was the word podcast was a word in the wind, and nobody really paid attention because technology was banging out those days, like everything, the music industry was changing, publishing was changing, radio was changing, and nobody really knew. It was like the wild, wild West. What's going to hold, what isn't going to hold. And of course, we all know not only have podcasts held but their numbers double every week, every week. It's Bananarama what's out there, and five times the amount of Americans listen to podcasts as watch TV. So at a certain point, while I was doing the Dare to Dream Radio show, I needed to have a foot in both camps. So today, it is very much out in the podcast world and all the major stations y'all know about syndicated. But I'm also in a couple of radio stations like iHeart, and Pandora, and BBS Radio, and RadioPublic because that's where I started, and that's my first family. I love this and why I podcast, why even show up? Because it's work. It's because I get to meet the most exquisite people. I feel like it's a masterclass where I'm a two year old and I get to say, why this? Why that? How does this work?

Shirley Owens: I love that too. I love that too.

Debbi Dachinger: You'd have to pay people right, Shirley? To like hang out for an hour and ask them anything you want and pick their brain. But here I get to do this and attract these kinds of people, and have that kind of level of conversation. So that's why I'm still a podcast host and just loving it, still learning.

Shirley Owens: I love that. So you have your podcast, you have your books, do you want to talk about those?

Debbi Dachinger: Sure. My books came about DARE TO DREAM: This Life Counts!, first book because I was getting notices, emails, chats, subscribers, all sorts of people who are checking out my show and saying: "By the way, this is changing my life. I've always had dreams. I didn't know how to do it. I'm learning so much from your show." I had people in Spain who are writing to me and saying: "If you'll put out a book, we'll create a mastermind, and we'll use your book as a guide." Like, okay, this is compelling. So I did, I went ahead and wrote a book again at a time when people didn't really write books. Not at the level at all that they do today. But I did it because I wanted to teach people the reverse engineering of a dream, and how to actually make anything come true and be your reality. So that was the first book, and it was huge learning, there were not teachers. Today, I'm a book writing coach. They didn't exist back then. Or if they did, you didn't really know where to find them.

Shirley Owens: Right.

Debbi Dachinger: Amazing how much things have changed. And then I wrote the second one, WISDOM TO SUCCESS because I wanted to build on what I shared, and show people in all different realms the creation of dreams, and making things that are in their heart make their stomach flutter, how to make that become an inception of something that they step into and live out loud, not just something they get to the end of their life and it's like, ah, that would have been nice. So yeah, then came Wisdom to Success. Then I had a lot of people saying: "Now I'm teaching classes, I'm doing private, I've got a company that's helped authors gets you a guaranteed international bestseller." And I have people saying: "How do you do all this stuff?" So then I wrote PR secrets, and so it's just been -- one thing after another. It just had its own organic opening in my life, and I would step into it and fulfill it.

Shirley Owens: I love it. This really resonates with me because obviously my show is Get What You Want. And that's the same thing, people ask me all the time, how do I get what I want? And that's basically what you're saying, how do you reach your dreams. And my book, Get What You Want from Your Man, I wrote through a book coach, which I think, book coaches are awesome, and it's ever changing, right? You get to the end of your book, or you get to the end of a phase and you've learned so much more. So yeah, there's more books out there, there's more things to learn, and I feel like every single day, there's something that I want to go back and rewrite my, Oh, I should have written this in there, I should add this in there. So I definitely see how, second book, third book. And a book coach is awesome because I felt like I could really be directed, focused in you want to write about everything in the entire world, and someone's there saying: "Okay, that is completely not relevant. Take it out, go back down again." So that's exciting. I love that that's what you do, and you get people to international bestseller, that's huge.

Debbi Dachinger: Yeah. I have a lot of neophytes come to me, and I am glad they do. I'm glad they don't waste money, because there's 85% of people who try to write a book are never going to write it, isn't terrible? And then the other percent that do it, half of those will not finish their book. When you have a coach, it's so much deeper than you can imagine. This plethora of books out there, why shouldn't you always be the page-turner? So if you work with a coach, they're going to change how you write, the ease with which you write. I mean, I start people out even where you're going to write, what to have next to you, what to turn off, hours, accountability, how to start your first chapter? How to do the outline, we do everything so there's so much ease. And same thing with the bestseller, I'm shocked sometimes when people come to me and tell me all the money they spent, because they're trying to figure stuff out and they're doing one piece here, and one piece there, and it just doesn't work that way. So yeah, to hire somebody, and this is how you and I started offline before this conversation even began on air, we started having a conversation about the people you're hiring and why.

Shirley Owens: Right.

Debbi Dachinger: And I would, I love who you're hiring. I actually know them. They're friends of mine. And you were talking about, Oh, maybe I'll take the class that I'm about to teach. And I was saying, it's very smart. It's prudent on your behalf because you know us, you like us, you trust us. So you could come to us, and you have a breath. You're not sitting back and going, Oh, my God, am I going to throw my money away again? Or is this person going to come through? That exists out there. People who hang out their shackle saying COACH, and they really are not delivering.

Shirley Owens: Yeah.

Debbi Dachinger: So I mean, I'm all about over-delivering. So the fact that you are doing what you're doing, and you should reflect on this Shirley, how much are you learning from the people you know already? If I could turn the tables on you.

Shirley Owens: Oh, wow. So much. I think the thing that's awesome is we kind of build this community around us, right? And I've had the same people that I hire, hire me back for my expertise. We all have our expertise, and I think that sometimes coaches feel that they don't need coaches because they know everything, or I feel like if I could add one more person's expertise to my expertise, that just makes me that much better. And when I can add five more expertise, it comes down to I just keep adding to my who I am and what I can teach in the world. And I love doing that with my friends and with people that I know because I trust them, I know that I'm getting more than I put in, I know that I can make a phone call or send a text to get an answer, and they feel the same with me. So it's kinda crazy cause sometimes we're just exchanging dollars for dollars, but we're having double, triple, quadruple the expertise coming into our heads. And so yeah, I love it.

Debbi Dachinger: Yeah. And the other thing, I love what you're saying too Shirley, it's so important because when you do exactly what you're doing, you open the door and people work with you, or maybe they'll send you people that they know who should be working with you, and most important is you're moving your business forward like a rocket. Exactly what you said, so many entrepreneurs sit back and say, Oh, I'm the coach, I got this. I'll Google it, I'll figure it out, and nine years later they're in the same place making the same money. And when we actually take on people who give us the pieces, there's no way we'll know at the rate they know in their brilliance, it opens up doors so quickly for money, for more clients, for filling workshops, making sales, being on the stages, and the microphones we need to be on. So there is a lot to say about getting help where it is not your genius zone.

“When you do exactly what you're doing and you open the door and people work with you… you're moving your business forward like a rocket.” - Debbi Dachinger

Shirley Owens: Oh, for sure. And with you, there's just so many several areas, I know that you have been an award winning actress and singer. We didn't even have to bring that up in the bio. Like there's so many things that I didn't even bring up because I want to learn more with the listeners just so they can see how dynamic you are and what you have to offer.

Debbi Dachinger: Thank you. Bless you. I'll tell you, it's just all one big continuum in a way because it is all for me about creativity and the way it pours out of me. Gone are those days when people say: "Stick to your lane." One thing, I don't know cause there's so many like really creative people out there that if you did that you'd be stifling your voice. So yeah, the whole beginning of my life from tiny little kid through a lot of my adulthood, that's all I did. I was quite trained in that, and I did it in a lot of the mediums out there. I loved singing and acting. It was so strongly connected to who I was. And when I got into radio, I had to make a hard choice and let it go. And that was interesting at the time because it was okay. I was so excited by radio, and books, and this whole new world. And what's interesting Shirley is it starting to come up for me again, singing, and so I'm opening myself more and more to having that in my life. And when people have asked me what events I've gotten up, it's amazing cause it's something that never goes away. I just am re-choosing it today when it comes into my life.

Shirley Owens: I love it. That's beautiful, I do the same thing. I wanted to ask you, you have all of these, you help people write books, you help them become international bestsellers, you teach them how to speak, and how to be a guest. I know that there's more than just doing this, right? I'm a lot about being, and I want to know what is inside of you, where does the being part come? How do you help people to actually become the person that's able to take all of your teaching and turn it into something?

Debbi Dachinger: So Debbi is sitting here right now and wondering how deep do I go.

Shirley Owens: Go as deep as you want?

Debbi Dachinger: So I would need to really be frank with your audience and tell you that what I offer a two things. One is the tech and the strategy. I can teach whether it's how to be interviewed and getting themselves the exposure, the PR exposure they want need out in the world, I can easily teach that, I know it, this is my wheelhouse. Books, same thing. Bestseller, I do it for you. You sit back and do your brilliance and I handle it, it's a guarantee. There's another component, and I have been coming out of the closet, and more, and more. And I don't know how out of the closet I'm coming on your show, because your audience may be just strictly business type people who--

Shirley Owens: Oh, no. No, we've got it all.

Debbi Dachinger: Well, for those who are open to hearing this, and even for those who aren't, here is the transparent truth. I have other gifts in the psychic realm, and I have gifts as a clear sentience as a clear cognizant, well, I'm way beyond empath. But I've very extreme healer gifts both in my hands and in my being, and so it allows me to see things and speak to them, whether it's about someone's writing, or it's about who they're being out in the world. I work with people for instance in about being interviewed, about having the ultimate visibility out in the world, whether it's on camera, or whether it's on radio podcasts, in magazines. Everybody, whether they're a beginner, or they're pretty savvy and have been out there, there's usually something in their space that is not allowing them to go bigger. And even though it feels like something else external, some people are aware, even if it's internal aware of it, but not what the heck to do about it. So I work with them to heal that aspect so that it literally doesn't have to exist in their space anymore, and that they can move forward and fly. I worked with a gal recently, she's an extraordinary healer. I mean, I'm clear when someone comes to me also what modality they're meant to be in, what medium they'll shine in. And I think that's important to know. You're going to shine in camera, do it. If you're not, please don't waste your time, put yourself in your sweet spot. Are you meant for microphone? Are you meant just for a pen? Are you meant for stage? There's so many ways to get out there. So this gal kept claiming: "You know, I have these offers, but I don't want to be in front of people. I just don't. It's not for me. It's for other people. As far as being interviewed, I freeze up." Boy did she, and it was a shame because she was this gorgeous in person or over the phone. When you worked with her, she was powerful, and there was nothing shy about her. But the moment the mike was turned on or she was in front of people on a stage, hmm, did not go so well. So we did three months of work together, and I will tell you that within a month and a half she was reporting back to me these offers she was getting, and excited about, and accept it.

Shirley Owens: Wow.

Debbi Dachinger: And at the end of three months, she's now developing a show with a very well known company, like Netflix, about her. So they're going to follow her around like a reality show while she's doing her healing work. That's how deeply she got out of her own way and started getting the yes, cause I was clear: "Oh, no, honey, you are built for this."

Shirley Owens: Wow.

“Let's get (limiting beliefs) out of your way, so you can fly.” - Debbi Dachinger

Debbi Dachinger: So that's what's possible. When you say what kind of work, it is the tech, it is the strategy. For sure, you've got to know all of that so you can do it with great ease, and execute it. And inherently in each of us, we're like a jar. You know, we expand out to the sides and the lid of the jar, and then boom, boom, we're hitting something that is not allowing us to go bigger. And it's not because we're bad, we're awesome humans, but some kind of belief limitation, past life doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, but let's get it out of your way so you can fly.

“We're like a jar. We expand out to the sides and the lid of the jar and then we're hitting something that is not allowing us to go bigger.” - Debbi Dachinger

Shirley Owens: Right. I love that. I know that I do have, people that believe super deep, and some that believe a little bit, or some that are just super asleep still. And I think that it's awesome to know that it doesn't actually really matter whatever limits you've put on your brain as to what you want to believe in or what you want to feel. When you start working with someone that just has an intuition that can read people, whatever that gift is, it's amazing because they just like zoom right into your soul, and I know that you do that, and so that's awesome. I think I wanted to talk about that because we can tell people all the time how to get what they want, we can tell them how to dream, how to get their dream, how to write their book, whatever. But until they can actually be in alignment and integrity with their own selves, they can't do it purposely

Debbi Dachinger: Cannot, exactly. And there's also this huge contention of people who are, Oh, my God, you and I know millions of them, they're so brilliant. I bet your listener is so beautiful, so brilliant. They really do great work. And then if you say, so tell me about yourself, or get up at a networking meeting, you've got 30 seconds. They cannot message who they are, what they do, what they stand for, the problem they solve, nothing.

Shirley Owens: Yeah, I've been there. I mean, I teach people how to not be there also, but I've been there myself. I still have that, soon as the camera comes on, kind of thing. But I think a lot of it is practice, and a lot of it is really getting in touch with what it is that's holding you back. So I love that because, let's talk about something today. If someone was a call in on one of your radio shows and say, Debbi, this is my problem. Where do I even start? If you could give a word of advice today, I love to do this on all my shows. Something that everyone that's listening could do that simple that they could start to get what they want. Start to reach their dream, start to even dream in the first place, or realize that it's a possibility of getting what they want. What would that advice be?

Debbi Dachinger: Well, let's start with, if someone actually has a dream to get what they want.

Shirley Owens: Right.

Debbi Dachinger: Though, if someone were to have a conversation with me, I would want to know the dream. Open your heart, share it with me, let me see what you see, or feel what you feel. Certainly I'll, you can feel someone's passion when they talk about something they want because they're talking about it as if it's almost there, that's awesome. Once we have the dream, we know we're standing here, and we know somewhere out there in the distance is a dream. Well, in order to get there, I go backwards. So some people have ADD (Attention deficit disorder), I have reverse engineering, right? The law of reverse engineering, it's like a rubber band. So I'm here, the dream is there, we expand the rubber band out, and how are we going to let go of the rubber band which snaps us right back to here, and we're starting on the path to create the dreams. Well, what has to happen in order for the dream to be? So let me see if I can, I want to try to come up with an example. This is going to be a wild example because it's so technical and that's so not my realm, but this is what came up. So let's say that somebody is here and they say, you know, what I really want to do is run a technical company that helps people with websites and funnels. That's my dream, and that I'm really high functioning. Okay? So if that's the dream, what's right before that dream? Well, you'd be living this successful company. You'd be paying seven employees, an accountant, a social media person, and a VA. Awesome, what's before that? I'm speaking on stages, I'm getting interviewed, I have a lot of people who are aware, highly aware of my business, and I have great ease sharing this and my seven employees do it too. To bring in business, what's before that? I need a social media person that I have to hire. I need a VA, I have to hire. Great, what's before that? I have to figure out all the components needed in order to run my business, and maybe you'd bullet point, what all of those are? What's before that? You see what happens if you go all the way back, suddenly you're here. You've literally just created a roadmap to get from here to where it is.

The other thing is that I work with people besides messaging is, look, I don't hang out my shingle and say branding cause that's not my jam, but I help people with that. Because inherently there's going to be three words that describe what you do. And I think it's so important when you do your roadmap, when you can figure out the three words that are who you are basically says, this is what I offer for people, and this is the solution, or is problem solution, right? And it's so clear, no guessing. It's really clear what you do. You can run those words through all the pieces. So let's say you're somebody who is, you want to write a book, you might want to use those words. And then you'd want to do a podcast, you use those words. You want to create workshops, use those words. But you start, you mix them up with formula, mastery, and VIP, and dah, dah, dah. And other words that describe where you're taking people mastermind, use those words. And you have something that's really clear what you're offering to people, and who you are at each level, that people want to keep following you up the ladder. Higher levels.

Shirley Owens: Yeah. That's so great. I know when I started my podcast, I kinda did it

backwards, but not like reverse engineering backwards, just backwards. I showed up at New Media Summit, that's where I met you, and I wanted to just check out what podcasting was. So I was like, Oh, I'm just going to go to a podcast seminar, it's there. I'm going to go see if I even want to do it well. I got there, it was completely overwhelmed, came home, decided I wanted to do a podcast. So I bought the equipment that I thought I needed off of somebody's recommendation, and I recorded some shows. I mean, I just recorded. I spent nine hours on, I have nine hours of recording with a baseball player, and we are going to have this amazing podcast, but I have nine hours of talking to him. And I had my office set up, I had all of my equipment. I'm like, my show is going to come out soon. And then I realize what it took to put together a podcast. So it would have been nice to have you back then telling me: "Oh, honey, you have so much to do before you can launch a podcast." I had no clue. So I had to hire several people to just get me to the point where I could even understand what I was doing when I pushed the button to record because that part's the easy part, right? Just talking. But there was just all this tech stuff that I had no clue. And even my interviews sucked at the beginning too, but I just like, I dunno, I didn't know what I was doing. And I think a lot of people do that where they start right there. But I love the idea that you go backwards like a slingshot. That's a great visual in my mind because where does it even come from? And where do you start?

Debbi Dachinger: Right.

Shirley Owens: And a lot of people say: "Well, I want to go from here and go forward." Which is great because that's what coaching is all about, right? Where do you want to go? But in order to know where you're going, you have to have that trajectory of where you've been. So I love that. I love that. That's just such a great metaphor for going back and figuring it step by step. I wish I would have done that. I like went back and forth a million times. It's been over a year, and I just finally got to launch. So it's exciting, but it was a lot more work than I needed, for sure.

“In order to know where you're going, you have to have that trajectory of where you've been.” - Shirley Owens

Debbi Dachinger: And this is exactly why we hire people, and this is exactly why people hire us. People hire us because they're overwhelmed. They know they want something, they know they need something, but they're clueless. And that's okay, it's not your wheelhouse, that's why we're here. And then there's going to be pieces we don't understand, and that's why you're there. People come to us, people come to you because they're overwhelmed, and so it should be. That's exactly correct. And once you hire people, of course, everything jams so quickly. It's fantastic.

Shirley Owens: So much gets done in such a short amount of time. Yeah. I think I did a six months worth of work in one weekend with my friend Amy, and your friend Amy also. So I love the idea of accountability. Can you talk about that? Because I think accountability is such a huge thing, and I'm certain that you must feel the same way because you're not just a book coach or a speaking coach. You're definitely an accountability coach.

Debbi Dachinger: It's everything. Yes, yes and yes. And I'll tell you, I'll speak to myself that I used to have a lot of fear every time I was going from doing one thing into something new. Newness change, brought up a lot of stuff for me. I have so much healing around that. I'm so grateful today to be able to say it doesn't exist. It just doesn't exist that energy anymore. But it was very prevalent at one point. So when I wanted to speak, here's the deal, I was being asked to speak, right? People would: "Oh, we're doing a business summit, would you come on stage and speak?" And I would always say yes, and then I'd freak out. Like I do so much work to prepare myself, which was good, which is really good. But I put myself through the anxiety, it was a lot. I was anxious up until the point when I was in an audience, and they call my name, and the moment I started walking through the audience, every step toward that stage, I became so confident. And it was always a matter of why do I go through what I go through to get up there? And so I kept being asked to speak, and I realized I want to pursue this. I belong up there. I can tell good things happen. I can tell it's in my DNA if you will, but I'm having trouble. My anxiety is so big. I am trying to back away and resist doing these. I'd actually rather say: "No, and not speak." So I was with a friend and I said: "What do you want to create?" And my friend told me his dream, and I said: "Look, this is my dream and I'm not doing so well because my best thinking is, don't turn down the gig. So can we text each other every day for accountability?" And that's what we did. And I literally couldn't bear the thought of checking in with him, and not having something to say. So I started doing pieces big and small so that I could write to him, I was really doing them. And before you knew it, he was coming to hear me speak on stage.

Shirley Owens: Awesome.

Debbi Dachinger: And I had created my speech. I had rehearsed it. I had my 20 minutes speech, 30 minute speech, 60 minutes speech, 90 minute speech. I mean, I had my powerpoint slides. I created everything through accountability. And I would say for anybody who's having trouble moving forward, it's everything. One of my clients right now, I'm super proud of him. He's very new to this, but my God, this is a smart gentleman. And what I build in, because I want him to know, it's just not a weekly call, and I hang up, and he's out of my life. I mean, I really care about people, and their process, and when they're doing good things. So he knows that he's got a certain amount of hours with me via email that he can reach out, and either ask questions, or say, check in and read this. We build it in to what I create with him. So I'm available at a certain extent to him outside of our calls, and he's got me. Whether he hits a wall, or he's proud of himself, or has a question, anything, or just read these new pages, what do you think? So I think it's important, this accountability piece, and you can do it for free with a friend. Just make sure whoever you choose to do it with, they're going to be accountable because it sucks to do it with somebody who's not going to create their dream, you know? It's kind of sad. You want to both be moving forward.

“(Accountability) is important and you can do it for free with a friend. Just make sure whoever you choose to do it with, they're going to be accountable.” - Debbi Dachinger

Shirley Owens: Well, I think that's a good thing that we could leave with listeners today too, that they could start this week to start thinking about something that they want to accomplish, but they can't do it without accountability. And whether it be hiring someone, hiring those people that you know, and love, and respect like you and I have talked about, or calling a friend. But like you said, the friend has to be, or your accountability coach has to be accountable for being accountable. They have to, like you say, they have to be able to be there and hold you accountable. So I think that's a great place for people to start is to think about what their dream, or their goals would look like if they had someone that they had to be accountable to.

Debbi Dachinger: Yeah. Yeah. And you'll be surprised if you'll take an on an earnest what you can create, and then you can use it again over and over. It's a beautiful process.

Shirley Owens: Yeah, I love it. Well, I know that you have a program coming up, can you tell me a little bit about that? And also, I just want to give you five minutes to talk about yourself, about what you have going on, and about how our listeners can get in touch with you.

Debbi Dachinger: You bet. Thank you. Yeah, the Ultimate Visibility Formula is a class, I don't teach it much, and when I do, people jump on to grab the seats. It's done online on Zoom so you can be anywhere in the country, or world. And essentially the number one question that entrepreneurs all ask is: "How can I get booked on radio and podcast shows?" And they don't know how. They don't know what to put together so that they can get a yes. They don't know where the right shows are for them. If they were to get on a show, they don't know how to get results, right? They're not being coached out of time so that they've got exquisite savvy skills. And then what do they do after? What do you do with an interview? How can you use it? And how can you develop relationships with influencers. So I wanted to meet a need that is big out there in the entrepreneurship world. So this is a great course for people even if you have no prior publicity knowledge. I give you the entire system, I teach you live, so I hold your hand. I also gift everybody who comes to the course with a free one hour session with me, a strategy session. So some people use it to figure out their message, some figure out their branding, some figure out what's their roadmap, some figure out what's going on in their space around interviews, or maybe they send me an interview and say, please listen to this, what's going on? What's great? What's not? So we can handle anything, I kind of love it all. And people definitely develop a community there. It's very supportive environment, and it's only six classes, and you will be interviewed while you're in the class. That's how fast you get moved forward. So this is a dream for people like you want to do it, don't know how to do it, or aren't getting results currently. Please come. It's at, it's D-E-B-B-I, there's no E, D-E-B-B-I-D.N-E-T/V-I-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y,, yeah. The class will be opening soon. I'm excited. And again, for those who sign up who register now, you will get that free one hour, $500 value free session with me during the class because I want you to have, I want you to get enough information that you dangerous.

Shirley Owens: Yeah, I love that. I will have all this on my website too.

Debbi Dachinger: Thanks Shirley. Yeah, the book writing for people who have interests there, I work out something different with everybody, I'm not very cookie cutter. I mean, I know my prices, that's that. But I have one gal who's at one price point, she doesn't want the emails in between, and she's fantastic, she's moving forward very quickly on her book. I've got this other gentleman I mentioned, and yeah, he's just doing a big, big project, a big undertaking, he's got the bigger package. So there's different packages for people who sincerely want to write, and I don't just teach how to write a book, but it's how to do a page-turner. How do you start it off with a bang? What are you looking for? And for people who like to self publish and also don't know that aspect, I help them. Yesterday was a big coaching day for me, and the gal I'm working with travels a lot and she was like: "What do I do once the book is done written? You're not going to leave are you?" And I said: "No sweetie. I mean, we'll keep up the coaching sessions. I'll talk you through how to do the cover, the endorsements, the intro, the spine, the formatting. We'll get you up on wherever you're going to choose to do the self publishing, we'll talk about that." All the pieces that she needs, we'll be there. So that's very fluid actually with each person and their needs. And then the international bestselling book launch campaign, that's one price. That's because I do a lot of work. I've got a team, I've got websites, I've got all sorts of a machine going on that allows me to guarantee the work I do. People can buy the package and actually launch anytime this year, or next, doesn't matter. We decide the launch month. I tell you what dates are open and once you're in, we're often running, and creating. And the package is pretty yummy because besides the guaranteed international bestseller, I include a book video trailer, a global press release, strategy calls with me, get them a magazine, and get them interviewed. I give them a couple of interviews too, because I think if you're going to do a book launch you should be heard on podcasts. So I get, I'm like at least a handful of really good high level podcast interviews, and so much more. It's really fantastic. I have so many testimonies around that.

Shirley Owens: Awesome.

Debbi Dachinger: The is probably your best bet right now. Visibility, and then if you want the other pieces, I'll give my email because while we're speaking, my website is being rebuilt, so that's the good news. The bad news is that any day you could click on, and you know, it's up, down, up, down while they're building the sucker. So yeah, just go to, and if you spell it right D-E-B-B-I-D-A-C-H-I-N-G-E-R.C-O-M. Yeah, I'll respond back to you with any inquiries you have.

Shirley Owens: Awesome. Well, thanks so much for being on the show, and this is a lot of information. I am excited to put some of it to play myself. And your information will all be on my website also. So I just wanted to thank you. That was awesome. I'm so glad that you got to be with me, and I got to be with you, and thanks Debbi.

Debbi Dachinger: Shirley Owens, you're awesome too. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you.

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