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Follow the Energy with Carolyn Cooper

“It’s so fun to just follow the energy. You never know where it’s gonna go and it’s different with every person.” - Carolyn Cooper

Energy is hard for some to understand. But it is all around us. Carolyn Cooper shares how healing your energy can benefit you in many ways, including health and business. She and Shirley talk about getting what you want through positive energy and using it for the highest good for yourself and others. If you have obstacles that are holding you back from getting what you want, energy healing might just be the thing you need. Tune in to learn more!


01:58 Having A Natural Mindset

05:20 Intuitive Gift

09:54 Different Energy Healing Modalities

15:37 Breaking Those Energetic Blocks

19:58 Affirmations With Energy

27:26 Awareness Of Our Thoughts

31:50 Get What You Want


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  • 02:05 “The body has its innate healing power in it. We can just help it along and it can do what it was created to do.” - Carolyn Cooper

  • 12: 37 “Anybody could learn. The more you do it, the more you practice, the more intuitive gifts wake up.” - Carolyn Cooper

  • 24:00 “Everything has to have an energetic start first, just like a thought in somebody’s mind before something is actually made or created...So we want to have the positive thoughts instead of the negative.” - Carolyn Cooper

  • 26:22 “It’s so fun to just follow the energy. You never know where it’s gonna go and it’s different with every person.” - Carolyn Cooper

  • 29:18 “There’s been ups and downs… that’s where we learn; that’s where we grow.” - Carolyn Cooper

  • 30:18 “Resistance on your paths makes you so much stronger.” - Carolyn Cooper

  • 31:49 “To get to where we want in life, we definitely need to look at our energy and to be aware.” - Shirley Owens

  • 32:49 “I get what I want... as long as it’s in the highest good for me and everyone else.” - Carolyn Cooper

Connect With carolyn:

Carolyn Cooper has been an active part of the Energy Healing Movement since 1996. After years of working personally with thousands of clients, she created the Simply Healed Method. She has been successfully training practitioners across the globe for the past 19 years. Carolyn's trainings include an online business course and community to help students build their own successful energy healing practice. Her joy in life is teaching other people how to connect with their own innate healing. Her weekly energy shot videos posted on her website, and on Youtube.


Shirley Owens: My guest today is Carolyn Cooper. Carolyn has been an active part of the energy healing movement since 1996. After years of working personally with thousands of clients, she created the SimplyHealed Method. And for the past 19 years, has been successfully training practitioners across the globe. Carolyn's trainings include an online business course and community to help students build their own successful energy healing practice. Carolyn loves to make complex ideas less woo-woo and more accessible so people can connect with their own innate healing. You can watch her weekly energy shot videos on YouTube or connect at Welcome, Carolyn.

Carolyn Cooper: Thank you. I'm so excited to be here.

Shirley Owens: Yeah, I'm excited to have you. I think when people think about energy healing, they immediately attached to something that they've learned about some sort of modality. So I would really love to hear about your way of the Simply Healed method, it sounds very interesting and I'm really excited to learn a little bit more about it. So tell me about you, tell me about how you came upon this method, and also about the method itself.

Carolyn Cooper: Okay, wow, that's a lot. Okay, I'll try not to ramble.

Shirley Owens: Please ramble. I love it.

Carolyn Cooper: So I was raised by a chiropractor. I mean, my dad was really open to alternative things. So I always had that mindset that the body has this innate healing power in it, and we can just help it along, and it can do what it was created to do. So I come from that mindset, things more natural. And I remember going to college, I had this conversation with my youngest, just starting about college age right now. And she's like, I just don't know what I want to do. Like, which, that's how I was, that's how I think the majority of people are. So I did go to college for a few years and I could not find, I knew there was some purpose that I had, but I didn't know what it was because back then, energy healing wasn't really a thing, or if it was, it was just done here and there by people in their neighborhoods, there wasn't the internet. It was harder for me to find what I was looking for especially when I wasn't even sure what I was looking for at that time. And just several years ago, well many like 20 something years ago, I was a mom with young kids, and one of my friends had Lyme disease and she struggled on and off with that. Some days were better in some, some weren't. And she started doing really well, and I asked her one day, what are you doing? Are you on some new medication? Or what's going on with you? And she very hesitantly said to me, well, I've been going to this lady and she does some energy, she balances my energy. And I was all over it, I'm like, who is she? Is she in our city? Tell me about it. I was so excited to finally find out some things about that because I had known a little bit about energy, that we have different energy systems, and about the chakras. But that's about as much as I knew and as much as I could find out. So anyways, skip ahead. So I learned, I started taking some classes and learned some things. And then I started working on clients, and I noticed that I would just see things, I would hear things, or feel things, or see pictures in my mind. And I think that all my life, but I never noticed until I started doing, you know, actually doing energy work with clients, friends, and family basically at that time, friends and family. And then I started paying attention to the intuition that I had inside that everybody has, everybody has gifts, they just manifest in different ways.

“The body has its innate healing power in it. We can just help it along and it can do what it was created to do.” - Carolyn Cooper

Shirley Owens: Yeah, we were not paying attention because the world so noisy and busy around us.

Carolyn Cooper: Yeah. And I remember going into a bookstore once, because I actually, many years ago, I was a fitness instructor for 20 something years and I filmed a series of Tai Chi DVD's, videos at that time, that's how old I am. So I had a series of Tai Chi DVDs and videos, then I sold them at some local bookstores and stuff. And I remember one time going into a bookstore to replenish, they said: "Hey, bring some more in. We sold all of those." And the guy working there was telling me about his mother and how, wow, she has these super skills, and she sees pictures in her head, and she's able to help people because of what she sees. And that was the first time I ever realized that that was a gift. And there may be people listening today that say, I do that. Is that a gift? Because you just assume that that's normal and that everybody does that, whatever that is that your main dominant intuitive gift is, which we all have all of them, but we're more dominant in some than others. But he said: "Oh, my mom sees letters and numbers and stuff in her head. I don't do that." And I said: "You don't?" And he kind of laughed and he goes: "Well, no, that's her gift." I didn't really say anything, but I remember walking out of that store and walking to my car with this huge smile on my face thinking, Oh, I have that. I've had that my whole life. I thought everybody had that. Just along my journey, like I'd have little breadcrumbs like that that I learned things from, and the more I worked on people, the more I just figured things out that weren't really what I was taught. They were just more intuitive, and yeah, people got great results because, basically two words is what got me to where I am. And that's WHY NOT, why not? I think, I'm wondering if it would help if I cleared energy on this, different things when I was working on people, and then the thought would always come to my mind, well, why not? It can't do any harm. Let's see if this will help. So then I just knew that that was repeatable with other clients I worked on, and I developed a body of work and my clients started asking me if I could teach them, and I didn't actually know if I could because I thought, well, I don't know how I would ever explain that to somebody. A lot of times it's just things I feel.

Shirley Owens: Right.

Carolyn Cooper: Yeah. So I had a very strong spiritual nudge one night that I was supposed to teach this. It's not just for me to have, I'm supposed to teach other people. So I actually, within two weeks, I had a class set up. I didn't teach it right then. I set it up, put it on the calendar, advertised it out to my clients, and yeah, I had 12 people sign up, and I'm like, wow, I need to write a manual now. So I just kinda sat down and wrote it out. If I were explaining this, how I do it step by step, what would I say? How would I do that? So I had to just kind of tease out everything I do and write it all out. And that was, I think I taught my first class in 2006, so I've been teaching ever since and now I have certified practitioners and SimplyHealed across the country. And I have a branch in my business in Australia. I've got some Canadian practitioners. Anyway, it's just been a super fun journey.

Shirley Owens: That's crazy and exciting. I feel back then, I've always been, I always say, call it awake, their people that awakened, people that are sleeping. I've always been open to all of that stuff. But I feel like back in 2006, a lot of weren't open to it. I think the world, like you say with the internet, with everything that's advanced, I think people are really realizing that energy is real. I always say, I don't understand how we can flip a light switch and a light comes on, and they'll say, well, it's just energy. But to talk to those same people about, well, we have energy within our bodies, and it flows through us, and all this, we have intuition, and all these things that you're talking about, then that might be a little bit hard for people like that to understand too. And so, but I mean, energy is real, right? It's just there. So I think it's really amazing that you started back when it really wasn't the trend, or the up and coming thing, or there weren't as many awake people that can understand it. That's pretty exciting. And did you start with just your own kind of thing? Or did you incorporate other modalities that are maybe more well known out there?

Carolyn Cooper: No. I actually, the first lady, my friend that I told you about that had Lyme disease and she was going to a woman, she was going to a lady that did a modality called Wings of Excellence. And the lady here in town was really good friends with the creator of that method. And that's a great method. I don't think it's really well known, but there's a lot of people around in my area that know of it, but I don't know how far spread it is. And I actually did teach for her, teach her stuff for a couple of years before I started teaching mine, and I loved it, it was great. And that is a great modality, and I will forever be grateful for, Jenny Childs is the lady who created that, she's older now and I'm not sure how active in teaching she still is because I lost track several years ago, but she's great. And what I learned there was great, and why I went a different way is because I noticed I started doing things with my clients that were not actually what I was teaching her. I would do different things with my clients, but then I felt a little out of integrity because I was teaching her stuff, which was great. But that's not actually what I was doing when I was working on people. So I felt like this isn't fair to her work for me to not actually be doing what's in her, which I totally get because now I'm the creator of a different method, and like, yeah, I wouldn't want someone teaching mine that actually was, had been inspired to do some other things of their own, I get that. So yeah, I did learn from basic things, and then once I discovered how it kind of worked, and how it flowed, I was always looking for shortcuts and not that speed is the main object that we're after. But my brain was always, can we do this in a simpler way? Isn't there an easier way to do this? Can I just cut that part out? That's where I was always going, and that's why my method is called SimplyHealed because it's simple. I've kind of put it in a context where even people who are drawn to it, but they don't think they have what it takes to do it, they think they have to have all these huge intuitive gifts fully expressed at this moment to learn how to do energy work. You don't, nobody does. So I wanted something that anybody could learn, the more you do it, the more you practice it, the more you do it, the more your intuitive gifts wake up.

“Anybody could learn. The more you do it, the more you practice, the more intuitive gifts wake up.” - Carolyn Cooper

Shirley Owens: Wow. And do you feel that as you go with each client you have, or each class that you teach that you are continuously learning ways to simplify, or I know with what I do, I learned from, even today, I'm learning from you and I learned from everything that I do. Has your SimplyHealed Method that you've been teaching for all these years, has it progressed? Has it changed? Has it morphed into something different? Or has it really just always been there?

Carolyn Cooper: It's pretty much been the same. The purity of it, I'm always learning different nuances of things. My certified practitioners come back every two years for refresher courses. Some of them come back more often than that because I do refreshers like three times a year. So it's fun to always, yeah, there's always, always stretching and growing in different ways, the core of it stays the same. But like I say, there's always a little nuances, or in society, it seems like there's always something that's forefront, like thyroid is a big thing in the last few years.

Shirley Owens: Definitely coming forward again.

Carolyn Cooper: Yeah. And teenagers with anxiety and depression is at an all time high. There's different waves of things in society that we'll get clients that have certain things, depending on the kind of what's going on in the world and in our society. So yeah, to answer your question, the purity of SimplyHealed has stayed the same, and the core has stayed the same. But yeah, there's always a little nuances and things that I'm leaning into, and learning, and working in depending on what presents with my clients.

Shirley Owens: Awesome. So some a client, let's talk about business cause that's kinda something different than health, right? And I really want to do, I just want to move forward in my business, and want to make a lot of money, and I come to you because someone referred me to you, and says: "Hey, maybe you just need some energy healing." Talk to me about that. My podcast is obviously about Getting What You Want, and I really want to hear about how you get what you want through healing your energy, and what kind of obstacles would come up, that if somebody came to you and wanted more out of their business and they didn't feel, energy is not the first thing that we think, we think about business strategist, or doing more things physically. But talk to me about that a little bit. If I was to come to you and just say, Hey, I really need help with my business.

Carolyn Cooper: Okay, awesome. I love working with business owners, entrepreneurs because I am one, and I've been on that journey, and I understand that journey. So much of it is mindset. So a lot of what I do, even though it's called energy healing, it's, well, the energy is thoughts, it's thoughts in our subconscious mind that creating emotions that affects our energy in our body. So it's physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, it's all combined. So what I'm looking for is, what are those subconscious thoughts that are keeping you from moving forward? And a lot of times people don't know what they are if they're subconscious, they're not aware that there is something there, but they feel a little tethered, or why is this not working? I've been working really hard at this, I should be further along by now. And some of that is just the should be, we try to get rid of those thoughts too. So the blocks, the energy blocks, mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, whatever you want to call them, it's all the same thing. Where do they come from? And how do we find them? That's what I'm doing. I'm diving down underneath the conversation. When someone's speaking, I'm seeing what is their energy doing? Why does it go weak? What do they talk about? And I can feel their energy go weak right there. And then I know, Oh, we gotta look into that. And what's caused is, most often it's two things. The two places, it sounds simple, but two places, I'm going to find it. Something in your past experience. Most likely childhood, things from childhood, which I count childhood like conception to age 20, or generational patterns that you've inherited. And most people wouldn't know, they're not going to come to me. Well, some people do. If they know I do generational healing, they'll come and say, I think I have something in my genes. I think that it's in my DNA because I can see this in my father and my grandpa. Some people are aware of that, but most of the time when people are struggling business or with money, there's some old beliefs that are stuck. Subconsciously, that's where I do my best work, is helping get rid of, let's dissipate those subconscious beliefs that are limiting you because someone can learn everything, everything they can about business, and be smart, and be savvy, but still be playing an old tape in their head about something that was said to them in seventh grade, that their project wasn't good enough, and they may not consciously remember it, but their energy remembers it. Or carrying something like, well, you have to work really hard to make money. Money doesn't grow on trees. All of those things that can come down through the family lines, a lot of us had grandparents and great grandparents that lived through the great depression. So there's still some of that old energy that we tend to carry. So that's what I'm looking for, what's the mindset here? And once you clean out that and declutter that, it makes a huge difference for people.

Shirley Owens: Yeah, I like that. I often talk about relationships. I mean, I'm a relationship expert, that's what I do. I would say that even a relationship with success, relationship with money, you have to have a relationship with something, right? It comes on how we relate to that. These beliefs, would you say that it does cause a negative relationship with money and so they have this obstacle, or they can't make money because somehow in their belief system making money creates bad people.

Carolyn Cooper: Yes. Yes, exactly.

Shirley Owens: Let's say that that's it, I have a really bad relationship with money. What would be something that you would focus on to dissipate that specific belief system?

Carolyn Cooper: Okay, well there's a couple things I have clients do. Actually. If I'm working with a client, I'll just kind of, I use affirmations a lot, it's more than just saying affirmations. I actually don't know how it works, I just know that it does. It's like my cell phone, I don't know how my cell phone or my computer work, but I know they do, and I know how to deal them, my benefit. So some of this I can't explain, but anyway, the affirmation, so if I say a positive affirmation such as, I am good with money, I'm a wise steward of money, I easily maintain and create more of what I've earned. It's safe for me to have money. Here's a big one that's usually generational. It's okay with God for me to have a desire to be wealthy, or it's okay with God for me to have money. I can be spiritual and wealthy at the same time, or not I can, I am. So affirmations like that. When I'm doing that in conjunction with the energy work, it's like those are the fresh positive seeds, that we are planting those seeds in the subconscious mind. And this is the part where I said: "I don't know how it works, I just know it does because that's my intention." So anything that disagrees with those new positive programs that we're putting in, I don't even know if I like the word program, but you know, it's like defragging the computer and putting in the new system. So I call those other things, weeds. Anything that doesn't align with those new affirmations is just gets released and forever dissipated, gone. Unless the person wants to think all the negative thoughts about money and bring it back. But it doesn't usually happen. So, yeah, I use affirmations a lot to help clear things out and reset the new subconscious, also with money is always fun to have. Have them do a visualization about, if there was a knock on your door, if money were personified, what would that look like to you? Is it somebody big and scary? Is it somebody too diminutive and mousy? Is it somebody you completely relate to? Who would that be on the other side of the door if it were money? And how would you welcome it in?

Shirley Owens: That's what I think about like, [inaudible] you won $1 million. That's funny cause I would watch that as a kid. Right when you said that, that popped in my mind.

Carolyn Cooper: That's funny. I remember, I watched that too.

Shirley Owens: So with affirmations, do you help them create that? And then do they say that everyday? Do they post it on a wall? The same with the visualization, how often do you practice that?

Carolyn Cooper: Well, in my work, they don't even have to consciously remember the affirmations. With energy and intention, we're just, we're planting those seeds. And this is how I can tell if people go, how do you tell if they're planted? How do you tell if that's really, because you can do muscle testing on someone. And I use muscle testing, and muscle testing doesn't lie. I mean, yes, it can be a little--

Shirley Owens: Tricky?

Carolyn Cooper: Yeah. But I've done it for so many years, I totally trust it. I can sense, and I may be new what the, a client may be new, and I don't know how they respond to it really well, but I can surrogate test for them, and I usually just feel it in my gut actually. So you can feel if something's plugged in, as I call it, if it's plugged in, and it now feels really strong, and their body accepts it and says, yes, that's my new truth. Even if their conscious brain might still be going, I don't know, I'm really not good with money. But if the muscle test is saying strong, like yes, this is the new thing, it's like we're setting up that energetic foundation so then it can be created, manifest in the physical world. But everything has to have an energetic start first, just like a thought in somebody's mind before something is actually made or created. It starts out as a thought. So we want to have the positive thoughts instead of the negative.

“Everything has to have an energetic start first, just like a thought in somebody’s mind before something is actually made or created...So we want to have the positive thoughts instead of the negative.” - Carolyn Cooper

Shirley Owens: Yeah, I like that. It's our knowingness knows.

Carolyn Cooper: Yeah.

Shirley Owens: Figure out how to get that to our worldly mind, right? Yeah, that makes sense. So that's the work that you do with them, say in a session, or in a class, or that's something that you do with them is to build those affirmations.

Carolyn Cooper: Yes. Sometimes I have had some companies hire me that I come in and then I work on them, with their sales team, and that's what I'm doing. If I work individually with people, it's so interesting because I can work on somebody, and they may be coming to a session to increase their ability to be a better salesperson, or to increase something in their business, and the energy will always bring up what is most important for them, what will help them. I always say, what is in their highest good? So sometimes, it maybe, we're clearing a bunch of childhood stuff, like, Oh, I thought I came in to help me in business. Well, your energy has all these entangled things from childhood, or from your divorce four years ago, or whatever that may be. And you clean that up, and then of course, it helps every aspect of their life, and we work on the salesmanship too, but it's so fun to just follow the energy, and you never know where it's gonna go. It's different with every person. Everybody unwinds things differently. Everybody has different things stored and hidden in their system that are affecting things in their life that they're not even aware of.

“It’s so fun to just follow the energy. You never know where it’s gonna go and it’s different with every person.” - Carolyn Cooper

Shirley Owens: Yeah, I get that. If you were to, for those listeners right now that haven't started with you, or obviously aren't going to do a session today, do you have something that, like a piece of advice, or an action, or something like that that they could do today that would help them, that would just kind of set them up for success and help them to see what you're talking about? If it was an affirmation and they were doing it themselves, you could say, Hey, write up an affirmation, but is there something that you have like a piece of advice that you could give somebody to start today, to start recognizing, or being aware of whatever energy is holding them back in whatever it is?

Carolyn Cooper: Well, yeah, you just said the word AWARE. That's what I would say, just start noticing cause what you think about, you bring about. So start noticing your thoughts, or if you're upset about something in your business, or with money, or with a relationship, or whatever it is. If you notice yourself being irritated at something, jump back in your mind just a few minutes before that, and go, wait a minute, what triggered that thought? Or what was I thinking of? And it doesn't, it's not like you have to spend a lot of time doing that. It's just kind of quickly go, Oh, wait, what was I just thinking about? And start noticing how many times in a day your thoughts get away from you. We kind of get in this habit of having WHAT IF's thoughts but not WHAT IF in the positive, like what if I do this and it's really great. Most of us, human nature is, well, what if this bad thing happens, if I do that? Or what if this person doesn't like me? Or what if, you know, just start being aware of your thoughts and noticing how many times we go into that. Because once you're aware of it, then that helps you to say, okay, let me flip that thought. If I didn't have that thought, what would be a more positive way of saying this?

Shirley Owens: For sure. I love awareness. So I always ask this question, and I wanted to ask you, if you could go back for 20 years, when you decided that you were going to create this, or when it just started to be created, is there anything that you would change, or even in your life, is there anything that you would go back and change, or do differently?

Carolyn Cooper: Shirley, that's such a good question. My first thought is, Oh, I'd make the road easier, but I wouldn't, really. I mean, there's been ups and downs, of course, that's where we learned, that's where we grow. It's been a really fulfilling journey, so I don't know. I think when I started out, I didn't really have any models to follow, there were, yeah, it was almost, not accidental cause I know my heart knew that I wanted to do something where I'm really helping people, but my brain didn't know exactly how that would look, and I didn't really have, there weren't a lot of people out there in the healing arts that I could look and follow. Sometimes people would say, what do you do? You do that for a job? You can't make money at that, or if that's spiritual work, you shouldn't be charging for that. Nobody ever said that to my face, but I know there are people out there that say that. And so, I think having a little bit of resistance on your path makes you so much stronger. And I don't think I would change anything except for the fact that I would trust more and work less. Which is huge.

“There’s been ups and downs… that’s where we learn; that’s where we grow.” - Carolyn Cooper
“Resistance on your paths makes you so much stronger.” - Carolyn Cooper

Shirley Owens: Wow. Yeah. If we could all do that, life would be, we can be taking vacations constantly, right?

Carolyn Cooper: Yeah. And I think we could do that. It's just, I have to keep reminding myself that life actually works better that way.

Shirley Owens: It really does. I just got back from Ireland for 10 days, and I just came back ready to go, ready to work. I mean, for sure, my energy was different. When we talk about energy, it's in everything that we do. And I noticed that I felt super just happy and fulfilled, like I had a break, but the whole time, I was working in my mind, creating, listening, and going with the flow. So I love it. I really think that to get to where we want in life, we definitely need to look at our energy and be aware, I love awareness, that's the best thing of all. I would love to name my show awareness. Every single conversation has come back to, we need to be aware, we need to be aware of our thoughts, we need to be aware of our actions. We need to be aware of what's there standing in our way, anyway, I love it. Thanks so much for talking to us about energy. Is there anything else that you'd like to leave for our listeners today?

“To get to where we want in life, we definitely need to look at our energy and to be aware.” - Shirley Owens

Carolyn Cooper: Well, just in the theme of your podcast, which I love, Getting What You Want. There's a girl at my salon that I see often, and her whole life theme is, 'I always get what I want.' And the first time she said that to me, I kind of giggled a little because I thought she was kidding, and she goes: "No, really. I always get what I want. It's my mantra. It just always works out like that." And she goes: "You should try it, Carolyn." So I haven't been tried more and it's so funny. Then right after I was talking to her about that, your invitation for me to be on your podcast, I always get what I want came in. I'm like, Oh, that's funny. That manifested pretty quickly.

Shirley Owens: Wow, that's pretty cool.

Carolyn Cooper: Though it's just a mindset I guess, of thinking, well, for me, I like that thought of, Oh, I get what I want, but I always, behind that, supporting that is, as long as it's in the highest good for me and everyone else, as long as it elevates everybody.

“I get what I want... as long as it’s in the highest good for me and everyone else.” - Carolyn Cooper

Shirley Owens: I love that you say that because that's been my mantra too. Well, I always say it's magic. I just always get the front row parking space. I always get the rental car upgrade. I always get a check in my room in the morning,like always, I feel like I get what I want, but there is that kind of caveat of, how do I use that? I always want to use it for good, I always want to be pure, and what I'm asking for, what I'm manifesting because, yeah, that could go down. I mean, you could use it for anything, I love that you say that. I haven't actually been able to talk about that yet, and I think it's super important to, at least for me, and obviously for you to use it for the betterment of ourselves, and the betterment of everyone else. So I really love that, thank you.

Carolyn Cooper: You're welcome.

Shirley Owens: If my listeners, I'm sure there's somebody out there that would love to get in touch with you, how can they get in touch with you? Where do they need to go? And I know that we had mentioned your website at the beginning. If you'd like to talk a little bit about your program, and how you can be reached, that would be great.

Carolyn Cooper: Okay. So yeah, I teach people how to do this. So people who say, I want to learn more about that. I have online classes, and then I have in-person trainings, and yeah, it's my joy in life is teaching other people how to have less struggle in their life. They can always find me on, and also I'm on all the socials. SimplyHealed does not have a space between those two words. But my Instagram has an underscore, you have to kind of look a little, cause other people have used those words. If you put my name in with SimplyHealed Carolyn Cooper, you'll find me on all the social media. And I always love to answer people's questions, and I have my Energy Shot on my YouTube channel, those are little five minute things to answering questions.

Shirley Owens: They're great. I recommend them.

Carolyn Cooper: Oh, thanks.

Shirley Owens: All right, well, thanks so much for being with me today on Get What You Want Podcast, I can't wait to watch more of your Energy Shot, and I'm just so grateful for you to be here today. Thanks Carolyn.

Carolyn Cooper: Thank you. I love the work you're doing. Thanks for having me.

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